Protect Your Home from Burglary

4 Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglary

Did you know that 1 in 5 houses have been the victim of a theft in their home?

According to the Ministry of the Interior, an average of 2,500 robberies occurred a day last year in our country. 90% of thefts are carried out by loosely organized gangs and by forced locks and impulsively. This means that normally the houses do not have adequate security. Thefts target single-family homes and Premises, although to a lesser extent since they tend to be much better prepared.

Thefts in our country are a reality with which we live day by day. However, according to statistics, Tampa does not come in the safe cities in America. In reality, our towns and cities are not safe from high incidence and crime. That’s why it’s imperative to put special attention on the security of our belongings.

Burglary security in 4 basic tips!

Securing your apartment or your house in Tampa is an essential point and even more so during a long absence. However, the security of these two types of goods is not done in the same way.

Follow the 4 essential tips of our Residential Locksmith to protect yourself without paying a heavy price!

In an apartment, installing an armored door is an incredible asset since it makes it impossible to enter your home. Side windows, especially on the ground floor, the installation of bars will discourage many burglars.

In a house, other security elements can protect your property with dignity. In addition to an armored door, bars, or locks on the windows, you will need to secure all access points to your home. You can therefore install multipoint locks to slow down and discourage break-ins. Also, avoid leaving your exteriors in the shade, but take the opportunity to install powerful spotlights that will illuminate your passageways, doors, and gates.

Burglars seek to hide from your neighbors. Intense lighting makes their actions challenging to take. To reduce your consumption, opt for motion detectors, efficient and economical. For burglars, it is sometimes more practical to use a tool directly in your garden shed. Put a padlock or a lock on it. If you want to sound and remote coverage, installing an alarm is a qualitative solution.

Tip # 1: Make the burglar’s job very difficult

It is well known that a burglar doesn’t have time. He has to act fast, so stop him!

There are different solutions for this in enhanced security!

  • Contact with Professional Locksmith in Tampa to check the condition of your locks
  • If the budget allows it, install an armored door. If you have an apartment or a reinforced multipoint lock, opt for an alarm.

If you live in a single-family house, be careful. There are several openings, and the burglar can enter through a window or garage. What’s the point of investing in an armored door if the back door kicks open?

GOOD DISSUASIVE TIP / add powerful motion detector spotlights or projectors above doors and windows, put bars on your windows, put a protection bar on your shutters or service door.

Tips # 2:  Simulate your presence

A home that is occupied is of little or no interest to burglars. The risks are high, and they will prefer to dwell in an unoccupied house. It’s up to you to find ways to predict your presence. GOOD TIPS to follow

  • Program lights using timers
  • Program your shutters openings and closings differently
  • Leave the radio or television on for a short absence
  • Set up bright projectors in the evening to simulate the television
  • Collect your mail
  • Program an intense light spot towards the public road that goes off and on at regular intervals.

Tips # 3: Be bold: make-believe in a fortress house

You can outsmart some burglars by letting them believe your home is highly secure. You can paste and placard certain endangering information such as:

  • Naughty dog
  • Presence of video surveillance or alarm
  • Private property: danger

If you can invest in multipoint locks, armored doors, locks, alarms, CCTV systems, we recommend it. The toughest burglars don’t care about warning signs. They will only leave if you make it concrete for them.

Tips # 4: Maintain good relations with neighbors

Think about it! Being nice to your neighbors is a good option for an exchange of services!

They will not hesitate to monitor your home and notify the police in case of any suspicion of malicious rodes or suspicious noises. If you trust your neighbors, you can also provide them with a duplicate of your keys so they can check access points and make it feel like an inhabited home. By turning on a light, opening and closing the shutters, putting on the television or radio, or going to collect the mail. So many actions will give a false indication of presence.

If you want to install an armored door, security camera, or access control system to boost the security of your premises, contact our Residential Locksmith in Tampa. Our Team of competent Locksmiths will go whole the nine yards to make your belongings and loved ones secure.

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