4 Ways to Secure Your Glass Sliding Door

In this glamorous era, you’ll barely find a modern residential space that does not enhance the beauty of their abode from sliding glass door. When it comes to choosing a secure door lock type, there’re a wide array of door locks in the market. Be careful while choosing the door locks. Because choosing the wrong lock can leave the security of your premises vulnerable. It may also run up your budgets. Locksmiths in Tampa are a reliable technician who can help you with which type of lock is best suited to your premises.

Looking for high-security locks or to improve your sliding glass door locks doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. After all, everyone wants to stay safe and save money. Here, we’ll explore some cost-effective ways to secure your sliding door locks.

The weakness of sliding glass door locks

The weakness of sliding glass door depends on it’s inextricably linked with glass door. These doors are made up of glass, which is riddled with its own unique flaws. That’s why it greatly impacts on the security of your sliding glass door locks.

Most sliding door locks have a simple and weak inbuilt latch that provides minimal security. Means sliding door locks can easily be thwarted by lock picking, and lock bumping. Burglars can easily break these locks by applying pressure.

Although, people love these sliding glass doors as a secondary egress and ingress point at your home. These doors do not give the same visibility as the other main doors do. That’s why burglar love more these doors as they make them able to work without seeing. Time and visibility are essences to enhance security. Earlier you’re in catching the wind of something that goes awry, faster you can save yourself from becoming a sitting duck.

Ways to protect your sliding glass door

As I have already said securing sliding glass door doesn’t mean to invest in expensive high-security locks. By making small changes to your sliding door lock you can make it more secure. Here, are some tips which are suggested by our Locksmith Brandon, FL.

Install Auxiliary Locking mechanism

Sliding glass door locks are the first line of defense of your Sliding glass door so they should be up-to-par. As we have already discussed that sliding glass door locks are equipped with a simple latch. So if you want to install new locks then you should contact Residential Locksmith ClearWater.

In lieu of this, there are also some ways to secure your sliding glass door locks from burglars. For instance, you can use the Schlage high-security chain to bolster the security of your sliding door locks. Implementing security chain secure your sliding door lock from cutting and sawing attacks.

Homeowners can also make it secure by keeping their simple door lock in place and install the auxiliary locking mechanism. This option gives the homeowner the freedom to choose the lock that does not put the dent into your budget.

Add a rod in the track

Most of the home sliding glass doors come with a metal rod to add security. Fortunately, if you have these doors then use it. It resists the door from forced entry.

If your door has not this rod than it can easily be fixed inexpensively. Wooden dowel from home depot and local hardware store is a good option to protect you from the forced entry.

Install Security Alarm

Although installing security locks can worth your pretty penny but save you from the future threats. Alarm systems come with sensors, so if someone tries to break the glass of sliding glass door the sensor will trigger the alarm to alert you. It is the best way to scare off burglars who do not want to attract attention.

Install Security Camera

Installation of surveillance system from a reliable security company like ALL-IN-ONE Locksmith is also one of the ideal ways, to deter crime or to cope with the exterior harsh element. It helps you to monitor your sliding door to see how your locks are holding up.

Enhancing the security of your glass door will help you to combat with the burglar whatever they might throw on it. Feel free to contact us to get more information about the protection of a sliding glass door.

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