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5 Benefits of an Access Control System

How do you protect your employees and company inventory? Access control in and around the building is important for this. Deviating circumstances must be noticed instantly so that immediate action can always be taken. There are several methods to control access to the property. You can, of course, place locks on the doors, but there are also more advanced systems for access control.

What are the benefits of an access control system? We’ve listed 5 critical advantages for you:

Benefits of Access Control System

1.    An access control system leads to access control

Anyone can enter at any time with a key. With an access control system, you control who has access, where, and when. This allows you to manage complete access in and around your property. You can set time limits and exclude access to certain rooms per group of employees or per person. For example, an office worker can enter the building from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. And a production worker, depending on his shift, has access to the factory hall and general areas at night.

2.    Grant remote access

Would you like to give a colleague access to the home outside working hours? Access can be granted anytime and anywhere with an access control system because the doors, gates, and barriers are linked to the system. You can also immediately receive a notification at home if a certain door is opened outside office hours.

3.    An Access Control System provides insight into presences and absences

Because the access control system is personal, you can easily use an access control system for consistent attendance and absence registration. You always know who is in and around the building. This information is important in case of calamities!

4.    No costs in case of loss of keys

If someone within the organization loses his/her key, this causes a lot of hassle and high costs associated with replacing locks. With an access control system, this problem is a thing of the past. You can easily remove the access pass or tag in the software system. You can even receive a notification when a lost card is presented to a card reader.

5.    An access control system enables evaluation

An access control system provides insight not only at the moment itself but also afterward. You can find out who was inside at what time, and you get a good idea of the use of your property.

Why do I need access control?

Access control provides a secure, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way to control who has access to your building and when.

Companies need to protect their assets and employees and want people to be able to move freely through the building. It is still common practice for many buildings to be locked by keyed locks, often leaving doors unlocked all day long. This invites theft and unauthorized entry into rooms or buildings.

Installing an access control system means that an expensive key or cylinder never needs to be replaced in the event of a loss. In an access control system, cards and tags are issued to grant access to controlled doors. These smart keys can be easily blocked and removed from the system if they are lost or stolen.

Why utilize an access control system rather than keys?

Keys are the most uncomplicated form of physical access control. Many smaller organizations use them. But even for a small business, the use of mechanical keys has some drawbacks and limitations. Especially when the organization grows, below are some of the issues associated with using keys.

·         People lose keys

If someone loses a key, a new cylinder has to be put in the lock. Otherwise, malicious parties can use the key. Anyone who needs access to the door must then be given a new key.

·         With keys, there is no activity log.

You cannot see if and when someone has used a key to open a door. And so you don’t know who entered your building or when.

·         Key management is difficult.

Someone who has to enter many different buildings and rooms needs a lot of keys. Many keys together are difficult to hold and use. It can be challenging to recall which key belongs to which door. You can solve this by labeling the keys, but this can create a security risk.

·         Better control and security

With an electronic access control system, you avoid the disadvantages of mechanical keys and get a lot more control.

Therefore, an access control system offers many options for the security that suits your organization! Are you curious about the possibilities of our access control system? Want to install an access control system to make your company burglary-proof? Locksmiths Tampa is the best choice.

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