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5 Tips to Secure Your Store

Burglaries, shoplifting, fraud, many traders lose a lot of money because of these plagues. To secure your store, nothing beats preventative measures.

It is difficult to calculate precisely how extensive the phenomenon of shoplifting is. However, statistics from recent years show that many European countries outperform the USA on this point. Last year’s figures are certainly not representative, as many shops were closed for a long time due to the corona crisis. However, they also point out that shoplifting costs Belgian merchants almost a billion euros every year. An unenviable record with which the USA takes second place in the European ranking.

Why act now?

Plus, the numbers don’t say everything. Many “quick hands” go unnoticed, or the shopkeeper does not file a complaint. In most cases, it concerns “customers” who serve without pay, staff who embezzle left or right, or suppliers who commit fraud. The traders feel this in their portfolio: an estimated 1 to 3% of their average turnover goes up in smoke. As criminals on the web and in stores become more and more resourceful, it’s time to think about your security. The fact that the government also encourages you to do so with significant tax incentives is undoubtedly a bonus.

·         Situation

A sensible first step is to map out the theft-prone areas of your store. Think of the security of entrances and exits, storage areas, cash register, fitting rooms, blind spots, etc. Pay sufficient attention to all those places to cut off intruders. Don’t forget to lock and lock your crown jewels, as valuables are the preferred target of thieves. A carefully prepared “vulnerability map” of your store is essential for choosing suitable security means.

·         Invest in video surveillance

Video surveillance systems are now very sophisticated, with tiny cameras, easy internet access, etc. Granted, they aren’t cheap, but you score two things: they deter thieves, and when something happens, you’ve seen it. Someone who knows that he has been observed is less likely to match the deed with the intention. And recordings help you confront the culprit with the facts or help the police solve the case. The latter is essential if your staff is doing “self-service” from the checkout or if products disappear from the stock.

·         Don’t give shoplifters a chance

There is no shortage of efficient systems to secure your store, but which one is ideal for you? And how big is your budget? Product security – adapted to the type of goods to be protected – and alarm systems are the most obvious. Detection gates are also always a good idea. Some installations are highly visible to deter thieves. Others are discreet to create a surprise effect and catch burglars in the act.

·         Protect your store against break-ins

The theft risk does not disappear when your shop is closed, quite the contrary! The right equipment is essential: a metal roller shutter, alarm system, security roller shutter, suitcases, metal bars, or armored doors. Disadvantage: such equipment often comes with a hefty price tag. Still, it is usually worth the squeeze. Depending on the size of your store, the nature of the goods sold, and your security budget, you can also hire a security firm.

Some “best practices.”

To start with, it is always a good idea to limit cash in the store as much as possible. Encourage your customers to pay electronically. Also, don’t forget to check your insurance policies. Are you sufficiently covered for all situations? Your broker can undoubtedly give you valuable tips. Finally, do not hesitate to call on a security expert who will guide you every step of the way. When it comes to Locksmith Tampa, All In One Locksmith is one of the pioneers. Contact our professional locksmith now for all your locks and keys related needs.

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