High Security Lock

A Simple Guide for Choosing High-Security Lock

It is often forgotten to take into account that the key element for security is the lock. The danger of unsecured locks is that they are easy to pick. Therefore, they are not functional and must be changed; they are easy prey for intruders if they are outdated.

On the other hand, if there has been a theft, speed is of fundamental importance for immediate replacement by a security lock. For example, you can count on an emergency locksmith service capable of intervening in a short time.

Here is a review of the different types of locks to help you make the best choice with the help of a locksmith or locksmith expert.

The “correct” lock

Not all locks are safe, or, in any case, not all are equally safe.

Sometimes you work with techniques too easy to overcome; others, although originally quite effective, are now considered obsolete. Others are more modern than their predecessors but not secure enough.

More traditional locks

If you have a lock with a traditional toothed key, you have to know that it is the least secure because that key is the easiest to duplicate. Besides, this type of lock is the easiest to force from the outside.

If you have a door with a lock that uses a standard double-bit key (the one that was the first version of keys for armored doors), you should know that it is already obsolete because it is too “familiar.”

If, on the other hand, you have a cylinder lock with a perforated key, but not a security one, even if it represents the evolution of the double-bit key, you should know that, unfortunately, it is no longer considered secure enough.

Therefore, in these three cases, the only solution to have more security in a house is to switch to a security lock.

Security locks: what to choose

1.    The Cylinder Lock

It is the most prevalent and has almost completely replaced the double bit lock after it was the most widely used for the security of armored doors. Unfortunately, over time it was discovered that the double bit lock could be picked quite easily with special burglary tools and replaced by the cylinder lock.

In addition to being more resistant to theft attempts, the latter opens with smaller and lighter keys, therefore more comfortable than long double-bit keys. It also works if another key is inserted from inside the door. It is available in different sizes, customizable and adaptable to different needs. Over time it has been perfected to make it more resistant and inviolable, providing additional security systems such as anti-bumping.

2.    The Mortise Lock: a classic and efficient locking system

The handle of this lock has a device used to open it from inside, by which the bolt moves. The installation of a mortise lock is done at the level of thickness. Traditionally, they are usually installed on the bathroom and interior doors to separate one part from the other and open from the inside. Due to their durability and strength, these locks are considered the best choice to boost the security of your premises.

3.    Rim Lock

Rim locks are surface mount locks that attach to the surface of the door. Use a latch that slides onto the rim of the door or the lock plate to secure the door. Many ring padlocks use porcelain, brass, or other knobs or handle to operate the latch.

4.    Bored Cylindrical Lock

For this type of lock, knobs and locks are combined into one mechanism. They are usually installed in a place or area of the house for the same purpose as mortise locks. The difference is that you can lock or unlock from the inside by pressing a button. Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and facilities where you want to lock it from the inside.

5.    Multipoint Lock

This type of lock is most commonly used on the house’s main doors due to its high level of protection. Their main function is that there are several bolts between them and above and below the door. These locks are activated by an internal system that sneaks in at the same time. They are tremendously safe and absolutely the toughest to force.

6.    The surface-mounted lock: easy installation for optimal security

The wall-mounted lock is placed on the front of the door. This model is recommended for thin joinery, metal doors, or leaves that cannot be drilled. The case remains visible. Here again, this lock model has a single-point or multi-point security level. In both cases, the cylinders will be round or profiled. In addition to house doors, these locks can be suitable for:

  • Garage doors;
  • Hangar doors;
  • Interior doors;
  • Garden gates.

The installation remains simple and stable, resistant to attempts to pull out and a break-in.

This is a specific model for the overlay lock category. The locking method consists of a vertical beam to improve safety performance. The different types of streamlined locks have between 3 and 8 anchor points. Robust and particularly aesthetic, it is equipped with a hook and a handle. After inserting and activating the key in the cylinder, the opening can be done by pulling or pushing. This lock system is particularly suitable for entrance doors.

8.    Electronic or Digital Lock

These locks are similar to the locks found in hotels and inns. Electronic or Digital Locks are available in different types and models. They are usually enabled by alphabetical or numerical code, fingerprint, mobile phone and app, Bluetooth and others. These locks are also called smart locks.

Which locking mechanism to choose between, a single-point lock or a multi-point lock?

Choosing a lock also requires considering the opening and closing system. For this selection criterion, 2 main categories stand out: single-point and multi-point models.

Single point lock: simplicity in the service of security

The single point lock has a single locking point. This is placed horizontally and combined with the main mechanism. Using the key in the lock activates the deadbolt. The technique is available in the form of a mortise lock or a wall-mounted lock. The following strengths distinguish it:

  • Optimal compatibility with all types of doors (building, entrance, interior, etc.) and gates;
  • Easy and unconstrained installation;
  • A wide choice of aesthetic, solid, and durable models.
  • The cost of single-point type locks varies depending on the quality, excluding installation. The level of security is considered good, although this system does not adapt to a safe or armored opening.

Multi-point lock: high-end protection for your home

Multi-point or multi-point locks generally have 3 or 5 different anchor points. This means that it has so many different locks for the same cylinder. They are arranged horizontally or laterally. Whether it is a recessed or surface mounted lock, the multi-point lock has many advantages:

  • It is easy to install;
  • It guarantees optimal protection of entrances and openings over the long term;
  • It modestly contributes to strengthening the acoustic and thermal insulation of the home.
  • Its price is based on the dimensions required, the materials used, the safety requirements, and the finishes.

Tips for choosing the best security lock

To choose the best safety locks, you need to consider the quality of the materials from which they are built. You can choose iron, nickel, or stainless steel locks.

In addition to the material, you should choose a protective padlock with enhanced impact protection. Bumping is one of the most common locking techniques used today. It consists of inserting the modified key into the lock cylinder and tapping the pin to “bump” it.

Who to call for the installation of your locks?

Whether it is a cylinder lock or a mechanism, installation can be done by a skilled Locksmith. However, if you want to install yourself, you should ensure you have the necessary knowledge for this type of work. Otherwise, turning to a professional, such as a company or a locksmith like All In One Locksmith.

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