Advantages of glass in fire doors

Advantages of glass in fire doors

Glass fire doors not only provide security but also provide greater visibility between spaces more elegantly and decoratively.

Today, we will tell you about all the benefits of this door type, whether in the industrial field or in shops and offices.


At present, fireproof glass doors are one of the most used in work environments because they provide a high level of security.

The breakage of an ordinary glass during the development of a fire produces the entry. And it supplies abundant oxygen to the combustion. Consequently, the fire is reactivated and intensified.

Otherwise, a glass fire door prevents the spread of fire, including smoke and gases, for a time.

However, it can vary depending on its resistance level, the intensity of the fire, the installation, etc.

Its compartmentalization system makes it more difficult for a fire to spread, allowing more time to evacuate a facility.

Without a doubt, a door that gives greater confidence to employees and security to the facilities.

On the other hand, their operation is comfortable and simple, and they can be manufactured with different sheet thicknesses, depending on their resistance to fire.

Remember that the placement and assembly of glass doors must be carried out by specialized personnel to ensure compliance with current safety regulations.

In turn, glass fire doors must be tested under extreme conditions and be classified within EI levels.


The glass used for this type of fire door is classified as EI, which assesses the level of fire resistance and the tightness of smoke and gases.

The higher the numerical classification EI, the greater the thickness of the glass.

Regarding its composition, we refer to several transparent crystals with a special gel intercalated between them.

In case of fire, this gel reacts, turning into a film of refractory cells with low thermal conductivity.

In other words, we are facing a high-end enclosure solution that responds in an incredible way to the emergency of fire.

Glass fire doors not only protect people, facilities, and material resources but enhance the customer experience, even allowing natural light to enter.


At All In One Locksmith, we offer different combinations of folding doors with 1 or 2 leaves, with fixed sides or top, adaptable to all types of projects of our clients.

Our glass enclosures are approved as a whole: profiles and glass.

In other words, our products have all the guarantees to fulfill their function.

In turn, we have different finishes, with a steel profile that can be lacquered or stainless steel.

Our fire-stop glass technology offers both quality and style. In addition to providing transparency, luminosity, spaciousness, and elegance, its composition guarantees greater safety against fire.

On the other hand, we have great technical and highly qualified Locksmith technicians in Tampa, FL. They’re capable of carrying out all kinds of proposals that a client presents to us.

Our specialized installers offer extensive experience in renovation work as well as in new construction.

If you want your spaces to look modern, bright, and beautiful without losing the security and protection they require, don’t hesitate to choose our services to install glass fire doors.

It will be a success.

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