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The security needs of a commercial building can differ greatly from residential apartments or houses. This is because the physical structure of a business varies according to its commercial purpose. Besides, sensitive information and valuable documents need strong security. This is precisely why you need to hire reliable locksmith professionals to attend to everything related to the commercial locksmith in Tampa. You cannot play with the security of your business, so call Locksmith Tampa Services.

Most people think that a residential locksmith can do what a commercial locksmith does, although this is true to some extent. However, commercial locksmiths have additional training and knowledge about installing different locks and access control systems.  They’re also well aware of safety rules that apply exclusively to certain types of businesses. At All In One Locksmith, we’ve professional staff capable of offering specialized Commercial locksmith services in Tampa:

Do you need a commercial locksmith in Tampa?

·         Panic Bar Installation

Panic bars are usually attached to exit doors. It allows you to immediately get out of the building in an emergency, as pushing them down is enough to open the door. Panic bars are an essential security measure in business premises and public buildings. This is because they guarantee a quick evacuation of the premises regardless of the installation of the lock system.

The law states that certain types of buildings must have push bars on all emergency exits. In addition, some insurance companies may consider reducing the amount of annual insurance paid each year. Panic bars are very important and should be installed by professional locksmiths to ensure proper operation.

Commercial Locksmith Tampa can install the panic bar that your enterprise may need at the best price on the market. Besides, we take care of the maintenance and repair of this type of lock. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone, call us and ask for a quote.

·         Access Control System Tampa

Each company has its own security and accessibility requirements. In some properties, conventional locks may not be ample to defend certain areas. In this case, our Locksmith profession offers you access control system installation. These advanced systems allow you to replace locks and master keys with electronic systems. Electronic systems include everything from keyboards (work with personal passwords) and card readers to biometric devices such as fingerprint scanners.

One of the major benefits of installing a state-of-the-art access control system in Tampa is that it provides complete and real control over people entering the building. Access permission can be issued or revoked immediately without the need to change locks or create new keys. In addition, these systems can manage staff uptime. In addition, they can create a record of access to each protected area.

Our expert Locksmith helps select the best access control system in Tampa. They will help you find the right option for your business, tailor it to your budget, and improve the security of your business building.

·         Need Locks for filing cabinets?

People ignore the filing cabinet. They look so old! But even in a world dominated by digital files, most companies and organizations keep a large amount of sensitive or valuable information on paper. In addition, some files contain personal information such as social security numbers, credit card information, and more. The filing cabinet can be full of valuables and should be kept safe. Most businesses need the best locks to improve security and privacy and protect file cabinets. Our team of Commercial Locksmiths in Tampa can help keep your business more secure.

File cabinet locks should be checked periodically, just to see if they are working properly. However, if those locks are from the last century, then you should think about replacing them. Because old locks can be opened in seconds, ask anything about this issue. Our trained professional lock makers can install, repair, replace, and even unlock file cabinet locks.

·         Master key in Tampa

Many companies require certain employees to have access to specific locations. But there are also limited areas that only people with specific roles or privileges should have access to. It will involve creating multiple sets of keys, ensuring that each employee has the correct set of keys, yet it can prevent staff flow within the company. The solution to this mess is simple: master keys.

A master key is a key that can open multiple doors. These locks have been rearranged to answer only this key. It is an ace way of saving because you only need to make one copy of each key for each employee, and that key will only open as many doors as necessary. Plus, you’ll no longer need a complex set of keys to replace one or two keys.

Our Tampa Commercial Locksmith can answer all your locks with a single master key at an economical price than any other commercial Locksmith service. We offer you all our services in record time, guaranteeing your safety and comfort. Get in touch with us to hire our commercial locksmith services in Tampa, FL.

·         Fire Doors Installation

Doors are usually used to separate building spaces to provide different functions for each room.

However, in terms of people’s safety, common doors are useless. On the other hand, fire doors are used to provide safe spaces for buildings. Therefore, in case of fire, the fire door can isolate the room affected by the fire, evacuate the building, and extinguish the fire more quickly and safely.

Fire doors can be made of metal, wood, or glass and installed in essential building areas to divide the space into multiple parts. The bigger the building, the more apartments it will have. Therefore, if one of the sectors catches fire, the fire door will make it difficult for the fire and smoke to spread to the adjacent sectors. Therefore, its role is to prevent the spread of fire, allow safe evacuation, and promote firefighting and extinguishing. If you’re contemplating the installation of a fire door in your company, contact us. Our Competent Local Locksmith Team in Tampa can inspect and install a fire door in your premises without breaking a bank.

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