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All you need to know about a security camera

With the purchase of a security camera, you are relying on professional technology to protect you and your home or business building. A security camera is an excellent form of theft protection. It not only has a protective effect, but it also proactively deters burglars. When a robber sees a security camera, he or she immediately knows that it will be a lot more difficult.

So when you decide to purchase a security camera, it is important to pay attention to several things. You want to buy a camera that is really useful to you. You need the best technology that is perfectly applicable to your situation. And to ensure this, we’ve drawn up a number of key points to consider.

Points to consider when purchasing a security camera

Not every security camera is equally capable of meeting your needs. That’s why there are so many different options available. One camera does things slightly differently than the other. It’s, therefore, a good idea to keep the following points in mind:

1.    Motion detection:

With a security camera, it’s always nice to choose an option with motion detection. Such a device always compares the current image with the previous image. Any changes will then be noticed very clearly. This is potentially very useful. Some cameras are able to directly transmit this striking change.

2.    Facial recognition:

Facial recognition is also playing an increasingly important role these days. A camera with this gadget exactly knows who is walking in the frame at any given moment. It can often be combined with an app. You will then automatically receive a message the moment the camera detects someone. Is it an unwanted intruder? In that case, too, the camera will, of course, inform you.

3.    Privacy:

Privacy is something to take into account. Nowadays, it is increasingly easier for hackers to penetrate certain equipment. The moment your camera would be hacked, it is of course very dangerous. Especially when the camera keeps track of all your private activities. Therefore, always choose a camera that is not susceptible to hacking. A security camera that is equipped with good protection.

4.    Range:

It’s also important to pay attention to the range of a camera. This is closely related to the way in which you can hang it. Does the camera have a wide enough field of view to capture the desired location? Otherwise, it’s better to opt for a camera that moves back and forth. The field of view is then automatically a lot larger.

5.    Image quality:

Furthermore, the image quality is discussed briefly. It has to be of a high level in order to see clearly what’s happening. For example, is the image quality still good enough at night? Or do you notice that it already deteriorates considerably at twilight? All things to keep in mind. Of course, it makes no sense to hang up a surveillance camera that does not register anything at night.

6.    Wi-Fi:

Finally, it is sometimes necessary for a security camera to be connected to Wi-Fi. For example, to enable direct contact with an app. A camera must have access to the internet for this. When this is the case, you are always connected. So also make sure that your Wi-Fi has sufficient range at the location of the security camera. If the signal is not strong enough, you may want to consider another location.

You should pay attention to above points when purchasing a security camera. It is a shame if you only find out afterward that you have overlooked something. In the worst case scenario, a burglar will suddenly enter your home. Consequently, you have to look for a new security camera.

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