All You Need to Know About Car Alarm System

Car theft is a special category that has been significantly reduced in several countries. In contrast, house theft is on the rise. Of course, this disproportion does not mean that we have escaped the threat of theft of our vehicle.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you need a car alarm system and how it prevents your car from theft?

Car alarms do not help protect the vehicle and make stealing your car as complex as possible. That is why it is imperative that you keep the alarm system in good condition and thus prevent it from activating itself.

If your car has never been stolen or raided, the thought of stealing a car seems like a distant dream that only happens to others. You may contemplate, “I don’t have to bother about that. I park my car safely in the garage at night.”

If so, you might be surprised to learn that according to the FBI, car thefts are more common where large groups of cars are parked for a long period of time: shopping malls, airports, stadiums, showrooms, universities, office parks, or spacious apartments, and complexes.

Unless you live in the countryside, never leave your home and park in your garage all day. A car alarm will be helpful.

Why buy a car alarm?

In many models, a car alarm is an option that involves an increase in the price. This prompts many buyers to refrain from it during the acquisition. If this is your case, you can mount the device to your vehicle’s security system. In fact, more than 100,000 vehicles are stolen every year. It is, therefore, a valuable step to offer yourself a model adapted to your needs and protect your car from malicious attacks.

Five reasons why you need a car alarm system

1.    Theft prevention

When a car alarm goes off in a parking lot, most people look to the source to confirm it is not their car. And to see who owns the offending car or see the scene in case a theft occurs. Car thieves know that all eyes will be on them if an alarm goes off. So, thieves don’t steal a car that has an alarm system. Personal belongings, car radios, GPS devices, and other valuables can attract thieves, even if your car is not. And as mentioned above, warning signs like alarm systems help you to protect your belongings from thieves.

2.    Protect your assets

Even if the type of car you drive never makes the list of most stolen cars, thieve can still steal it. Personal belongings, car radios, GPS devices, and other valuables can attract thieves, even if your car is not. And as mentioned above, warning signs like alarm systems help you to protect your belongings from thieves.

3.    Immobilization Features

Of course, there are some thieves that don’t deter from anything, including an explosive car alarm. For this reason, many alarms have immobilizer functions that prevent the car from starting when the alarm is triggered. The standard hot-wiring of old car thieves has been made redundant by immobilizer functions. These functions are therefore essential not only for valuable cars but also for the most common makes and models, which are always on the annual list of the “most stolen.”

4.    Monitoring functions

If a thief ignores the alarm without an immobilizer and still drives, they are not far away. Most modern car alarm systems have tracking devices so that the police can easily find your car. Some tracking programs even connect to your cell phone and have a “stop command” that can freeze your vehicle when it stops. The thief can be traced and escape, but it will take days to drive.

5.    Remote start options

While remote engine starters have little to do with theft prevention, they are incredibly hassle-free. With the remote, you can heat your car without leaving your home. Are you walking to far-away parking late at night? Starting your car as you get closer will allow you to drive as quickly and safely as possible.

Pondering to install a car alarm system

Prior to installation, pay attention to the reliability, compatibility, and warranty that comes with the alarm!

If you’re considering installing an alarm system, we should pay attention to the following:

  • Reliability. Many reports from various people explain that their car alarm system was activated for no reason, resulting in a decrease in their confidence in this system.
  • Factory warranty compatibility. After-market alarms can be very effective. But if, for example, they contain fuel flow interruption technology, we may encounter a problem when we apply for service to an authorized workshop. In some cases, we may even lose the warranty!
  • As in any of our other markets, the alarm system should be accompanied by a written warranty. We should be fully informed about the duration and what exactly it covers.

How to choose your car alarm?

In the same way that a TSA padlock prevents the robbery of your luggage, an auto alarm should optimize the security of your vehicle. A poorly chosen product generally lacks safety and increases the vulnerability of your acquisition. Therefore, after confirmation of compatibility, the type, and functionality, as well as the built-in modules, are of great importance in this choice. Many manufacturers have entered the market, some long-standing ones like the Cobra or Beeper alarms, and newer ones slashing prices on their products. Before opting for one of these alternatives, make sure you choose a model that has useful functions and can protect your vehicle.

The volumetric type?

A volumetric alarm is a top-of-the-range model capable of monitoring both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. Manufacturers equip them with three different types of detectors. Two protect the passenger compartment: an ultrasonic motion detector and another by air pressure. The third detector of the car alarm has microwave technology, capable of monitoring the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The 2-zone sensors, capable of protecting your car as well as its surroundings, represent an asset for a convertible, utility, station wagon, or minivan owner.

The perimeter type?

A perimeter alarm includes sensors for opening the hood, trunk, and doors of your automobile. It protects it as well, with the aid of the anti-lift module, towing, and theft of rims. It is also effective against vandalism, thanks to its shock detectors. The system is then triggered in the event of knocks in the area of ​​the windows or the bodywork. The operation of this auto anti-theft device is based on the detection of variations in frequency and pressure. The burglar must withdraw in front of this device. Otherwise, the siren will notify you of its misdeeds with an audible or silent alert, depending on the model.

What about the advanced features?

To better ensure the safety of their customers and reduce the increasing rate of auto theft, car alarm manufacturers work daily to improve the performance of their products. Hence the emergence of advanced features such as identification of the owner before starting the vehicle or opening the doors using a password, voice recognition, or even biometric data. Other models of car alarms include central locking, a feature that controls the opening of the doors and the trunk, as well as the start or stop of the accelerator remotely.

 If you want to install a car alarm system or want to reprogram your car key, feel free to contact us. Our qualified locksmith will put their leg foremost to handle all your car issues in Tampa and its surrounding areas.

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