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Familiarizing yourself with the prices of locksmith in Tampa, Florida is highly recommended for anyone who wants to embark on a locksmith project. We will be looking at who a locksmith is, what they are needed for, how to hire one and some basics before finally looking at how much they cost. Studying national numbers can help in one way, but it doesn’t take other salient factors such as the hourly rates, price of material, license permits, etc into consideration when analyzing the locksmith job in the Hillsborough County.


Who is a locksmith?

The simplest definition of a locksmith is to remember the word as the job description of one who is an expert in locks and keys and also security systems in some cases. It is the job of a locksmith to make sure broken locks are fixed and or replaced, make keys and also install security measures like alarms. Due to the nature of their jobs, Locksmiths all over the globe are guided by a number of rules. Locksmith qualifications in certain regions vary. Some require apprenticeship while others demand a certificate of learning from a higher institution of learning.

The locksmith’s job might sound easy to the ears but actually require lots and lots of practice over the years to finally attain perfection in the profession. Their services are mostly resorted to when there’s a locked area one legally has access to but for some reasons isn’t able to gain access to it by him/herself. If your house or car is locked and you misplaced your keys, it is the locksmith’s duty to help you gain access to it. They are also responsible for replacing locks when it fails to respond accordingly. If your key gets stuck in a lock, it’s the job of a locksmith to help you out. They also have expertise in accessing safes and are very knowledgeable in security systems. These guys work with high end devices and instruments which will be able to carry out the various job descriptions. Locksmiths make use of metals a lot and one of the most popular metals used to form keys is Steel. Brass is also used among other countries.


Essence of Locksmiths

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On a number of occasions, we have had to difficult situations in our lives and we try our possible best to overcome them. Among these issues are our locking systems becoming faulty when needed the most. You could get an emergency call and while rushing to your vehicle, your car lock suddenly becomes unresponsive. You turn back heading for the house to take some cash and flag down a cab but your door is stuck as well (Probably because you banged it so hard while leaving moments ago). Your best response when found in this situation or a similar one is to make arrangements for an emergency locksmith service.


Some of their merits are:
  • Availability

Locksmiths are always readily available and ready to come to the rescue anytime. Once you’re certain your cell phone or any means of reaching out to a locksmith isn’t locked in your car, house or whatever you’re having difficulties accessing, an emergency locksmith service will come to your aid even in an unknown or inconvenient environ.

  • Expertise

Most locks and security systems are becoming more complicated and advanced to prevent burglars, criminals, intruders and the likes from gaining access. But in some cases these security tech and locks have occasional tendencies to lock out their owners themselves thereby becoming a problem when they should have been preventing one. These guys (locksmiths) have been trained for situations like this. They have the necessary skill to handle those kind of problems and will save you much stress by fixing or replacing old locks with new ones.

  • Modern tools

A locksmith will possess mechanized and sophisticated work device and other gadgets which will help them with their jobs of fixing faulty locks, replacing new locks. These equipment made solely for handling lock problems coupled with the locksmith’s expertise guarantees a faster job done for you. We all know how frustrating such a situation can be; majority of us suffer from stress and anxiety.


Majority of us have been locked out either via our own careless actions or the consequences of another. It’ll be more effective, less time consuming and easier to hire a locksmith than trying to break the lock yourself –and end up hurt sometimes.

It also isn’t advisable trying to save money by not hiring the services of a locksmith when you have worn out or weak locks. Such an act is dangerous as hindering a pro in the security business also sends a signal to the burglar monitoring your house. So unless you can afford the burglar which will definitely cost more, let the locksmith do his job.


Finding a Good Locksmith: factors to consider

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As important as the job description of a locksmith is, there has also been cases where a locksmith in a bid to change your locks automatically becomes part of your household by keeping a spare key to himself to say the least. Also, without doing the necessary things, you could hire a quack which would end up frustrating you the more when you discover how your time has been wasted. Hence the reason for making sure you find a good, trustworthy locksmith cannot be over-stated.


Below are a few methods you should put into consideration while finding a locksmith:

Lincense:  Some locksmiths are out there without a valid license to operate. Others might not even possess a registered address to their so called company. In other to ensure the safety of your property and to legalize every move made in the house concerning the work, it’s best for you to hire only locksmiths who can verify their identity and expertise by showing you their operating license.

Check Online Reviews:  The internet is just a phone away and has made everything easier to make inquiries. You can check out a locksmith company’s reputation to ascertain if they can give you what you really want. A customer review is one of the surest possible ways to validate a locksmith service. This is because you’re reading a customer’s report who experienced their services firsthand. If they have a good rating, then you know it’s for you. Otherwise, steer clear to avoid stories that touch.

Offline Reviews:  This is the exact opposite of online reviews as the name implies. Offline reviews is simply asking those around you for the locksmith service (in this context) which they think is best. You’re basically asking them to recommend any good locksmith company for you based on their experiences. This is a traditional method of making enquiries but it’s still very effective in today’s world especially if your supplier is known for being credible.

Specific Niche:  When finding a good locksmith, it is also pertinent to find a good locksmith. By this I mean that you just don’t go out in search of any good locksmith as you might find one but wouldn’t be able to do your job accurately. For example. You lock yourself out of your house, you use any of the aforementioned methods (offline and online) and you end up hiring a locksmith who specializes in automobiles mainly. You must make sure the blacksmith you’re hiring would be the right man for the job, an automobile lock problem should require an automobile locksmith, a house lock or security problem should be directed to the services of a locksmith in that niche.

Reputation:  A locksmithing company’s reputation is also as important as an employee seeking a job; both need to have a good record in other to be considered. The same way you would find it almost impossible to hire an ex-convict to work for you if you were the owner of a firm, is just the same way you wouldn’t allow any company with a bad reputation come near any of your locks. Try as much as possible to do a background check before you hire the services of a locksmith’s company; unless you’re willing to undergo a series of setbacks along the way.

Price:  Price is another thing to consider when looking for a locksmith. Not necessarily all locksmith services who charge high deliver the best job so a little research is needed also. You can check the website’s service cost and what each package covers and see if it’s convenient for you.

Warranty:  Professional locksmith companies will always issue a warranty on any job they carry out to allay one’s fears regarding security. Companies who don’t issue a warranty are telling you to trust them which is not a good thing in business. You have to be certain they aren’t putting you at risk or exposing you to thieves with mere words.

Safety:  You need to be certain of your maximum safety when you want to hire a locksmith. You don’t want a situation where the locksmith manipulates your locks hence another reason why you must run a thorough background check on all locksmith services.

How to recognize a Locksmith Scam:  Most locksmith scam unsuspecting customers online and they have three steps or phases. First is to put up ads for their company (which in most cases are fake and non-existent). These guys create fake ads which look so real and legit with pictures of their head-office (again, another fake) as proof. Their google rank is also high and they offer cheaper prices than others. On their website, they’ll also have testimonials and reviews from clients. But all these are just to capture the onlooker and eventually dupe you.

Phase two commences when a call is put across to any of these fake locksmith business requesting for their services. The call is then transferred to the headquarters’ call center or representative. There the operator will confirm the low rate or offer you a deal you can’t resist, and then contact another agent within your vicinity to locate your residence or location.

Finally, never allow a locksmith drill your lock. These locksmith scammers use this means to spoil your lock and then increase the charge because it has accumulated more work for them. Only on rare situations where a very high- security lock is faulty will drilling be resorted to unlock. So there’s an eighty per cent chance that if a locksmith wants to drill your lock, he’s probably full of deceit with an ulterior motive.


Never hesitate to ask questions concerning things you don’t in hiring a locksmith. After all, you’re paying for his services and you need your fears to be allayed about losing your money or paying for a service below par. If a locksmith isn’t willing to attend to all your questions, then he probably wasn’t one in the first place.


Locksmith Cost in Tampa, Florida

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According to a Statistics released by Manta , the minimum cost of hiring a locksmith in the County is forty-five dollars ($45). The Average cost – paid by majority of home owners – is about a hundred and eighty three dollars ($183) while the maximum cost is three hundred and twenty-one dollars ($321).

The following were considered before reaching the estimates:

  • The average cost of labor to employ the services of a locksmith in Tampa
  • The price of sophisticated tools, equipment locksmith use in Tampa on the average.
  • The cleanup fee was also a determining factor as well as the cost of all projects. While a number of research was done, the following factors were still unattended to:
  • Legal permits issued out for the carrying out of locksmith duties in tampa
  • Fees for inspection of hillsborough building fees.
  • The amount of materials and supply Tampa sales taxes
  • The amount of materials needed by Hillsborough and florida sales taxes
  • General fees for the contractor (if any) if used for the project.


In Tampa, you might be hiring a locksmith not just because you misplaced a key but it’s a possible that a former tenant went away with a key which is functional enough to give him access. It could also be that your locks are old and they need it.

Money spent on hiring a locksmith in Tampa will be very much worth it so you do not need to feel cheated or downcast. The sum total of the service you will pay for will be solely dependent on the work that needs to be done as well as the kind of experts you choose to work for you. You should have it at the back of your mind when you are considering hiring a locksmith in Tampa, Florida.

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