All you need to know about Commercial Access Control Systems

Modern technology has paved ways to improve the security of your home or business. While there’re several security systems, Commercial Access Control System Tampa is one of the most beneficial ways to enhance the security of your property. Access control systems allow you to control who has access to your property without the fuss and risks associated with handing out keys to your employees. If you want to improve the security of your commercial property than Access Control Systems Florida, is an ideal option for you.

Commercial Access Control Systems fl

What’s a Commercial Access Control Systems?

Commercial Access control systems Tampa, FL are designed to restrict physical entry to only users with authorization. Many governmental and private organizations have started adopting access control security systems to control physical entry. Whether you’re seeking for simple non- intelligent access control systems like a punching in a password, or advanced biometric systems that scan and permit entry very specifically, these security systems can benefits you a lot.

These security systems don’t require traditional keys. They can be set to activate via different inputs, including full-body scans to a simple fingerprint scan. If you don’t want such a tech, you can also use access code or a simple access card to control your entry point. But that’s not the only thing you can control it’ll also allow you to limit the access to the building or specific areas. It’ll give you the comfort of mind that your business is safe from returning employees with shady motives and from strangers who may have gained keys or figured out access codes.

Advantages of Commercial Access Control Systems

  • Reduced Manpower Requirement
  • Allows Access and Restriction to Multiple Entries and Exits
  • Reduce employee’s theft
  • Protect secure Data
  • Internal Levels of Restriction and Access
  • Time-Based Control for Security Systems
  • Keeping Check of Punch-in and Punch-out Time

Types of Access Control Locks

Access Control Devices are the most imperative security devices for both residential and commercial property. They can easily be installed. They are the most effective and proficient than other regular biometric access control devices.

Door Locks

The door locks are a primary type of access control devices used for security purposes.  Door locks used in both abodes and offices. Keypad locking/unlocking system is used to operate door locks.

Fingerprint Locks

As the name shows, these access control devices use fingerprints for locking and unlocking. They can be connected to electricity to operate. These locks are mostly used in commercial property to control access in certain rooms and halls.

Card Readers

Card readers are also the type of lock system in Access Control systems. These card readers are used to control access in sensitive areas of your premises. However, the Bar code reader is a type of access control card reader, but it does not fall under the access control locks category.

Gate Automation

The gate automation system is the best choice to operate the gates and main entrances of big houses and also in offices. Using the access control gate automation system is a growing trend nowadays.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks consist of two basic sub-types

  • Electromagnetic locks in which the magnet will be charged and disable the operations of the entry doors. It can be mounted on the doors to restrict the invalid entries.
  • Electric strikes are similar to the latches in the door panel. They can be enabled and disabled by using electrical power.

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