Are your kid is locked in hot car? Call Locksmith

Imagine that in a hot summer day, you’ve been out of the house since 10 AM trying to complete of all your chores and your honey-do list. You brought your 15-months-old along with you. You’re at the last store you need to get something valuable from and are planning a quick stop to run in and grab that one last item before you can head home. In a hurry, you’ve shut the car door and heading across the parking lot into the store, never even remembering that the child you adore, who has finally fallen asleep in their car-seat, is alone in the hot car.

This type of incident can happen with any of us. No doubt, it became a critical and frustrating situation for us. Fifteen minutes is enough time for the effect of heat stroke to set in. According to research, 37 kids are died annually due to heatstroke in Tampa.

It’s not true that only neglectful parents accidentally lock their kids in their cars; it also happens when the child is getting in on their own. A hectic day of work, taking care of a newborn or managing day-to-day tasks in this fast-paced world temporarily distracts a normally vigilant parent. Sometimes, a curious child playing in the driveway decides to get into an unlocked vehicle and accidentally locks himself inside.

These scenarios can happen with even the best of us. The important thing is how we can confront them. Here, are some tips that will help you to handle such type of situation.

Don’t panic but act quickly

Keep Calm and push away negative thoughts whenever you’re in such type of frustrating situation. Frustration and panic waste your time and may lead to more mistake. The temperature of the inside of the car increases rapidly, even when the outside temperature seems comfortable. According to report, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and within the first ten minutes, 80% temperature of car increases. Child overheats 3-5 times faster as compared to the adult. This can put your child in severe heatstroke and may lead to death if left longer in this situation. So quick action is necessary, check all for any resources you have available to you in your vicinity while you call for help.

Call Locksmith Tampa

If not find any resource to rescue your child then immediately call Emergency Locksmith Tampa. Many people are often advised by the police to break the windows of the car themselves to confront the situation.  It could be a while before anyone can respond to the scene. A locksmith can open your car without any damage they will unlock the window of your vehicle to save your trapped child.

At All-In-One Locksmith, we’re offering immediate child rescue services at a reasonable price. Our 24-hour Locksmith Tampa is always equipped with top-notch quality tools and state-of-the-Art techniques to give you prompt and proficient services.

Our competent team also advice, if you’re facing this situation, then cover your car window to slow down the healing process. If no one is able to get to you immediately, then you don’t do more late, just break the window instantly.

Feel free to call us whether you need child rescue services or need car lockout services, 24-Hour Locksmith St. Petersburg will provide you efficient and trustworthy services without costing you a lot.


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