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Unfortunately, Christmas is the high season for stealing. Coming to a messy house is boring and annoying. However, you can do a lot to keep the thief out or deter him with effective theft protection. We give you our best suggestions for this.

Christmas is a wonderful time. Not just for you – but thieves as well. There are many temptations to follow in many homes. If your home has poor theft protection, you could easily become a victim. Unfortunately, when you go home after the happy Christmas holidays, seeing a burglary of your home can ruin all your happiness.

But, should we not try to avoid it together? In any case, we would like to help you by giving you some good advice and tips for burglary protection.

Get to check your doors and windows.

Before you go on Christmas shopping or a Christmas holiday with the family, you must first and foremost make sure to check all your doors and windows. This also applies to garden doors as well as kitchen doors.

You should check that the doors and windows have good locks and securing. Exterior doors should have at least two locks, just as they should be of good quality. If you have good quality locks, with both drill proof and have a high level of protection quality, you avert yourself from stress.

You must make it as difficult as possible for the thief to break the lock. There are many ways to secure windows and doors. You can do it with an electronic code lock or a traditional lock with a key.

If you also have a tempting basement window, it can be a really good idea with safety bars.

Get an alarm

Locks are not always enough to keep the thief out. Therefore, if you want to be sure that the burglary protection to a greater extent keeps the thief away from your Christmas presents, it may be a good idea to have a personal alarm. It can both make a sound, but at the same time, you also avoid paying for a subscription to an alarm company. Alarms are very effective when it comes to keeping thieves out.

Set up monitoring

Surveillance is becoming more and more common around Tampa homes. We can understand that too, as it is among the best security you can make yourself. Not only because it helps to scare the long-fingered thieves away, but also because today, you can get cameras that can be connected to your smartphone.

Therefore, if you want to keep an eye on your home when you are on Christmas vacation with the family, just open an app on the phone. We know this is great security for many.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media.

These are not just locks and surveillance systems that effectively prevent theft. Because it doesn’t do much to secure your home if you tell the thief in advance that you are not home. So, don’t post on social media that you’re on the Christmas holidays or what your plans are for Christmas. Do this when you get home again – otherwise, you’ll calm the thief down to find out where the safety gap is.

Outdoor light with sensor

A really good and effective tip is also if you choose to install outdoor lighting with an on / off sensor. It surprises the thief and provides more difficult working conditions when darkness falls. At the same time, it also gives neighbors a better opportunity to detect a burglary before the thief has been allowed to snatch too much with him.

Get help for better burglary protection.

Would you like help to check up on the burglary protection in your home? Or do you want professional advice, so you know where to put more security devices in your home? We do this rather than like it, as we are much more than a locksmith.

At All In One Locksmith, our Cheap Locksmith Tampa can inspect locks and give you beneficial advice. If you would like to check if they live up to the standard, we would like to drop by. The most important thing for us is that you feel safe in your home, and we would rather than contribute to that.

Therefore feel free to contact us or give us a virtual visit.

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