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We may face different types of incommodious situations in our daily life. It happens even when you least expect it. You arrive home late at night, fumbling your keys and realize that you locked your keys inside the home and don`t have a spare set of keys or you are unable to get access in your car or office due to the broken key. Scary huh?

These kinds of situation can happen with anyone at any place. Lost, broken or locked out keys of your premises can create the worst feeling for everyone. Locksmith is the only person who can handle these types of emergencies instantly. Professional advice is also very imperative when it becomes a need to hire a skilled and legitimate Locksmith.

All In One Locksmith (now All in One Locksmith)experienced Locksmith Clearwater Beach, FL provides reliable services to their clients. We can install new locks, fix and repair locks, replace the keys with the new keys, repairs all types of locks such as system locks, devices locks, change the passwords of the systems locks, remote locks, doors locks, and the jammed locks, etc. We have many years’ experience and work with many individual and companies of Gulf to Bay, Missouri Ave, and surrounding areas of Clearwater Beach, FL. We are available for automotive, commercial, and residential services.

Locksmith clearwater replacing the door lock

Rekeying services

An ordinary locksmith may recommend replacing the entire lock system even on minor damage. But all wet this might not be necessary at times. For minor locks damages, rekeying can be a reliable and effective solution. Our Locksmith Missouri Ave, Clearwater simply replace the springs and pins in the lock cylinder with new ones. Rekeying is more cost effective than replacing the entire lock. The reason which may at times make a homeowner go on board with this solution may be to improve security.

Replace or Duplicate lost keys

Lost keys can be a heavy hang situation. It is always prudent to have a set of spare keys with you to cater to this situation. Replacing and making duplicate keys is duck soup.   Locksmith Clearwater Beach will get you a key within minutes. All we do is cut a blank key to match your house locks. Our Auto Locksmith Golf to Bay, Clearwater can cut, program/reprogram & provide replacement keys for remote fobs and transponder keys.  For the new key to open the car, a computer chip needs to be programmed for the vehicle transceiver.

Door Lock Installation

We can repair, replace, and install all types of door locks. These include

Knob Locks

Most of the homeowner use knob locks in their door. In Knob lock the lock cylinder located in the knob instead of the door. These locks are not reliable and ideal for the front door because it is really a sitting duck to break into a house through them.

Cam Locks

These are types of fasteners that keep intact storage in a latent way. Even more, they come in handy with furniture and cabinet kits. They have a metal tube on one of its sides to aid in positioning the bolts in it. Cam Locks best secure cabinet doors that make them ideal for storage of sensitive items.


Deadbolts are ideal and effective for the front door. They protect your premises against break-in situations. Because they have a unique opening mechanism that can only be accessed by keys to turn the knob. Usually, deadbolts have three types, single, double and C.

Single deadbolt–can only be accessed from one side via a key.

 Double cylinder–both sides can be accessed using a key,

 C-Deadbolt— a hybrid of the single and double cylinders.

Locksmith Tampa Mortise Locks


Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks come in light and heavy-duty models. The entire locking system of Mortise lock is made up of screw and cam which make them more secure and complicated. The complexity of Mortise locks makes them more than just locks but a lockset. Mortise Locks are ideal for the security of front doors. These are just a few mention Services that All In One Locksmith, Tampa, FL offer. You can get in touch with us to fix any problem relating to lock and key. All in One (aio) Locksmith Tampa works 24/7 to provide many services including double-sided keys, Security consultants, deadbolts, lock bumping, electronic access and security systems, Heavy duty padlocks and lock boxes, Panic bars, safes, and vaults, etc. in Clearwater Beach Fl, Clearwater Gulf to Bay. Call us at 813-290-9092 to get professional Locksmith services in Clearwater Beach, FLORIDA.

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