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Losing your keys causes understandable stress. If you’re facing this kind of situation, you may have to call a locksmith to have your door opened. It causes a waste of time and money, which also causes an inconvenience. This object is very easy to lose due to its small size in particular. However, there are tips to avoid losing your keys. It is painful to look for your keys even if you know they are not far away. The simplest things are often the ones that work the best.

Ways to never lose your Keys Again

Who has never slammed their door and forgotten their keys inside? Who has never looked for their keys inside and outside? So many experiences leave a bad memory. To avoid these inconveniences, get into the habit of always depositing your keys in the same place. This avoids long searches before leaving.

1.    Always keep Duplicate Key.

Put a duplicate of your keys in your purse or on your car key. That way, if you forget, you’re sure to have the double. You know you have the double on you if you slam the door without taking your keys.

2.    Entrust a duplicate of your keys to one of your relatives

Another solution is to give the spare keys to someone close to you: a member of your family, a friend living near you, or even your concierge if you live in an apartment and have one. Obviously, leaving your keys to someone means having absolute trust in the person. If you don’t have anyone around you who can do this for you, hide a key somewhere, provided it’s safe. In any case, protect your precious hiding place well. It will be away from your home preferably, in this way if your key is stolen, no one can guess it’s your house key.

3.    Tie your keys securely

You have put a key ring big enough to be found very easily. It is indeed a good way to stop looking for your keys in your purse, at home, or in the car and to locate them easily. Handbags often have a special clip in which you can slip them to be sure to find them at any time.

Men can attach them securely using a specially designed key ring and a thick plastic cord that attaches securely to pants. You entrust your keys to your children, but you are afraid that they will lose them. The easiest way is to attach the key to a link that hangs in the neck when they are small. This tie looks a bit like shoelaces and allows you to make strong and resistant knots. They can be hidden under a T-shirt, and there is no longer any risk of loss. This way, you empower them without taking the risk that they often lose their keys. This is often the case with children who do not necessarily pay attention all the time.

This trick can also be adopted by elderly people who easily lose their keys. All of these ways can help you avoid tedious searches that always cause stress.

4.    Use a Wall Key Holder

It is certainly the most striking object when entering a house. The wall key holder is, in our opinion, an essential decorative accessory for a house or an apartment. It is an ideal option if you no longer want to misplace your keys and face the clutter.

5.    Opt for a key ring

Never leave a car, padlock, or house key alone without a key fob. If you do not put any, you can be sure that it will very quickly be lost! There are many keychains for all tastes and all desires. Personalized or not, you will inevitably find an accessory that will please you! All you have to do is slip your keys in to keep them safe! The more you choose an imposing keychain, the more easily you will find them in the event of loss or when they are in a bag, especially in a woman’s bag.

6.    Buy a key finder

The locator is also a great way not to lose your keys. Add the locator key fob to your keys and keep the remote in your bag. The day you lose them, all you have to do is press the corresponding button to emit a sound that will allow you to locate your keychain!

7.    Try a key fob, next generation.

Key fobs help you locate your keys at all times. It is the case of the whistler keychain and can locate your keys up to 25 meters away. Just activate the remote control, and it emits a beep. Others ring as soon as you call them. This solution can be adapted to your car and house keys.

Some types of key fobs react when you whistle by triggering an alarm. The range is less since it only reacts over a distance of 5 to 10 meters. Pay attention to the quality and favor key rings that offer the assurance of good reliability. If you find them at very low prices, they tend to ring for a yes or a no, which will inevitably be boring you.

8.    Install an app on your smartphone to locate your keys

Inexpensive means make it very easy to find the keys that you have misplaced. Among them, the sticker is a small self-adhesive pad that just needs to be placed on the keys. This pad is connected to the phone, and it emits a Bluetooth signal on the phone. There is also a chip that works a bit like a GPS and allows you to locate your keys using your mobile phone. If you have an iPhone, an app called Hone is available to easily help you find your keys. A small Bluetooth keychain is linked to this application and allows you to no longer search for your keys in your house, for example. It’s a safe bet that such ingenious applications are multiplying to help you stop wasting time desperately looking for your keys.


All these tips are interesting since they allow you to no longer misplace your keys or find them more quickly. Good habits, small, inexpensive accessories, smartphone applications, and small gestures bring you a certain comfort in everyday life. Everyone will adopt the solution that best suits them according to their expectations. And in case of problems, the services offered by a good locksmith will always allow you to find a solution!

Stay in touch with Reliable Locksmith in Tampa, Florida.

And rest assured, if you have not followed these tips, you will be able to return home with the help of a locksmith in Tampa. Always carry the number of a locksmith that you know or that has been recommended to you. In this way, you will be able to reach them easily in all circumstances. By intervening on your lock, the professional will be able to open your door most of the time, without the latter being degraded.

Take basic precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a loss. It is obviously not necessary that the mention of your address appears on the key ring which accompanies it. It would be too simple for whoever found it to use it. Note that a concierge service is also available in some cities. You leave them a duplicate of your keys that you can retrieve if necessary. But this service is obviously paying. Good habits are, of course, less expensive.

It is also possible to obtain a key protected for life to prevent someone from reproducing it in the event of a loss. The latter’s owner is the only person authorized to have it redone upon presentation of the card that identifies the key.

You can also opt for the tag that you attach to your key ring. On it then appears the number of the call center and an encrypted identification. If someone finds your keys, they can then communicate the identification number to the call center. You are then notified, and you are put in touch with the latter by SMS or email so that she can return them to you. This is an excellent solution for finding lost keys.

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