Ever locked up in a car?| Call AIO for the rescue

We were requested to share the experience of Emily one of our recent clients who trusted us in the difficult situation and thus became our yet another satisfied client. So, here it goes.

“I am Emily and I want to share my locksmith experience with you. Last week on Thursday night, I went to a supermarket for the grocery shopping, and when I came back, I was shocked to see my keys locked in the car. It was night, and I was very scared and embarrassed at that time. Let me make it clear being locked out in the car, home or office is never fun. I tried checking all the windows and doors, but found all are locked. I do not want to take the risk of getting help from a stranger or stand by the side of the road in the middle of the night. In this flustered situation, I have decided to call my friends and colleagues to ask if they know about any locksmith company in Tampa Bay area near me. I could merely contact just a few people because it was very late but they too were not sure about any locksmith who serves this late. I searched in immediate nearby area to find if there is anyone able to rescue me. Finally I decided to find help through Google and found a couple of local locksmith companies in Tampa, FL. I have heard many scams about unscrupulous locksmith. So, tried calling a couple of locksmiths but none of them even picked up the call except All In One Locksmith. They arrived in their marked car within 15 minutes to rescue me and instantly resolved my issue by unlocking my car without damaging the locks. Thank God! I found All In One locksmith reliable and the way their locksmith technician treated was quite friendly and appreciable. Apart from resolving my issue he also boosted my moral by polite chit chat and told that leaving keys in car is a common mistake and it can happen to anyone while being stressed or in a hurry so I should not be worried about this incident anymore. I thanked him for the efforts due to which I finally got in to my car again and reached home safely.”

( Emily, St Petersburg Florida)

Thank you Emily for the appreciation and for sending your story to educate others what to do if they are in the same situation. [Editor’s Note]

We can install, repair and replace all types of locks. Our experts can handle all issues regarding your car key replacement or key lockout in the car, Transponder key programming, and commercial building lockouts, etc. only  Tampa Fl. Our All In One locksmith team travel miles away to rescue you with your door.

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All In One Locksmith Tampa, FL is certified security company that provides instant and reliable locksmith services. We are helping 100s of clients in Tampa Bay which are satisfied with our prompt and reliable services.

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