Five Ways of improving your Home security

A man’s home is his castle, and by improving the home security, it can be turned into a fortress, but we don`t think about it until we need it.

Most of the people think that making your home burglarproof is a daunting task. If you want to secure your family and assets, the only and the easiest way is to increase and improve your home security.

In the United States, Robbers usually break into a home in every 20 seconds and steal an average of $1,725 worth of property. Burglaries at homes mostly happen during the daylight. Securing a home against break-ins reduces the risk of falling the prey into a specific violation.

With the help of following steps, you can deter thieves and robberies from your home and enhance the peace of mind whether you are at home or away you’re your home.

1.   Install Home Security System

Home Security System plays a vital role to deter theft and burglaries. There are various reliable security systems that can fulfill the needs of your home security and those can be customized according to your budget. Choose a trustworthy security company near you to install and activate reliable security system at your home.

2.   Lock the doors and windows

Doors and windows are pretty common and the weakest entry points for burglars and intruders. Lock the doors and windows of your home before going to bed or leaving the house. Install a window or glass break sensor and add window bars to avoid any potential unauthorized break-in. Regularly, keep in check the installation of deadbolt locks in front of doors to have a peace of mind.

3.   Install an Alarm System

Install an alarm system to prevent any possible theft. You could also put fake boxes outside your house and have your alarm engaged out there. Installation of security alarm would not keep the burglar away from your home but can help you in deterring the theft. Choose a certified and bonded security company to install and maintain an alarm system at your home.

4.   Always Re-key the locks in a new house

Rekey all the external locks if you are shifting to a new house. It is imperative because you will put yourself at risk if you do not rekey or replace your locks. Replacement of locks is also essential in case you have lost your keys.

5.   Use surveillance System

Installation of CCTV cameras is an excellent idea to record the movement outside your doors and windows. It is also helpful to prevent the break-ins and entrance of intruders in your home. It significantly deters vandals or burglars and captures the evidence in real time.

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