How Master Key System Works?

If you have a large number of employees or just want to increase the security of your company or organization, Master Key System is an ideal way, you might need. Our Locksmith Largo, FL offer repair and installation of master key services for every kind of organization or establishment.

What is the Master key?

The master key system is a security feature key set whereby selected keys can give you access to a number of predefined locks. It can give you quick access to all of the room in your premises.  It is a cost-effective way, as there is no need to change every lock, now you only need to change one to improve your security.

Master key system fascinates the people due to the confusing nature of the device. How one key can open all the locks while another key can’t? Is it work like internal mechanics of locks?  Locksmith Clearwater Florida have fully acknowledged the master key system, they will assist you if you wanna secure your commercial property. After reading this piece I hope you’ll be able to understand the mechanics of Master key.

Keys in a Master Systems

  • Change key:

It is a sub-master key that can open one lock or only locks that are exactly the same. A single master key can open all the locks that are open with the change key.

  • Master Key:

A master key can unlock all the lock cylinders of the entire building.  The master key or MK is very necessary and imperative key to change the simple lock into the master keyed lock, while each cylinder will have its own different key that is used by a person who uses that room. In some systems, it is the highest-ranking key that is normally associated to rationalize key holding.

  • Grand Master key

Grand Master key or GMK will give you access to multiple master key systems. This key can open every master system under it.

  • Great Grand Master key

It is used to open all the grand master key systems, master key systems, and Change key system under it. It is a great way to make the lock more complicated to work. It can increase control and convenience and give you access to all the room of your facility.

  • How does the master key work?

Most Master key works like a basic tumbler pin locks. So, first I will give you a quick review, how the master key works?  It consists of a driven pin and key pin that rests on the opposite side of the shear line.  Key pins in tumbler pin locks are of different size while the driven pin is in a universal size. The Key has a right set of grooves to lift the key pins to correct height.

It can be converted into a master key system by adding a master wafer between the key pin and driver pin. It is a small hockey puck-shaped pin that will create two shear lines in pin stacks.

Key Take-Away

  • It allows two or more key to open one lock
  • It often uses pin tumbler lock
  • Pin tumbler locks usually use wafer pin between key pin and driven pin.
  • It can open multiple locks.
  • More master wafers mean you can open the locks with more possible keys.

At All-In-One Locksmith, Our Affordable Locksmith Tampa highly believe in the master key system though we also acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone. Most fast-food chains simply have two doors and those doors are used at all times, it’s just simply not going to work. But for several corporate entities or small businesses, master keys are a great way to deter thieves and limit the risk of employee-based theft. Touch base with us to get more information.

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