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How to avoid losing your house keys?

Locksmiths know well that losing keys is one of the most stressful situations that we can experience. Especially if we talk about those in our own home. It’s a very small item, but vitally important.

Surely you have ever experienced the sensation of losing them. Don’t worry. Today we’ll tell you a series of foolproof tricks, so you don’t have to worry anymore. You will always have them located!

Infallible tips not to lose them

With these locksmith tricks, you’ll no longer have an excuse not to find them. In this way, you will be completely sure that your keys are always in a safe place. Take note!

1.    Keyrings with locator.

They’re keyrings that incorporate a GPS or Bluetooth device. Through remote control, it will allow you to locate the keys. The device emits a sound that will guide you to its location. An ideal system for the most clueless!

2.    Duplicate key

Locksmiths advise leaving a copy of it with your family or closest environment. It is a quick and easy way to solve the problem. Thus, if you lose them, you can go for them and use them until you locate the originals.

3.    Keyed locks.

If you are one of those who lose them frequently, this is your ideal lock! They work with a key or fingerprint, which prevents you from carrying the keys with you.

4.    Choose the same place.

Always choose the same place to leave the keys when you enter your house. If it’s more comfortable for you, hang them on the wall!

5.    Watch out!

Some people choose to hide a key near the door in an inconspicuous place. This can be really dangerous, as a stranger can find the key.

6.    Avoid leaving the keys inside, Locksmith Advice!

Professional locksmiths advise against leaving these insides. This fact can prevent a relative from entering an emergency or need. In addition, the lock can be damaged by being always in use. This can cause the lock to warp or even render it useless.

Besides, the Police warn that thieves use magnets to steal. In this way, they turn the key and can easily open it. So remember … Avoid leaving the keys inside!

 What to do if I lose my house keys?

The above tips help to have your keys located at all times. But, while waiting for Locksmith help, we suggest some actions that will allow you to enter the house if you’ve lost the keys.

The first thing we recommend is to walk the path you just did. Pay attention to the ground and look for your keys. As much as possible, you don’t need to repeat everything you’ve done that day!

You’re probably not the only one who has access to the house. Therefore, try to locate someone in the family. Tell him what happened and ask for his keys to open the door.

In the event that you still can’t find the keys, you will need to locate a professional locksmith. At All In One Locksmith, we provide cost-efficient and high-quality locksmith services in Brandon, Land O Lake, Town N Country, Wesley Chapel, Largo, and the suburbs of Tampa, FL. We do an excellent job to open the door in the fastest and most effective way. In addition, experts recommend that the lock be changed to prevent theft. Besides, we’ll also help you to ensure that no one can access your home. Contact us and request your budget.

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