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How to avoid stress and hassle after losing a car key?

Losing Keys. It happens to even the best of us at any time of the day. No doubt it’s a very annoying and cumbersome situation. Fortunately, you often find your keys again. But what if you can’t find your car keys anywhere when you want to leave with your car? Ah! You really lost your car keys. Or they have been stolen. Anyway, making a new car key is not just done.

You’re out for an afternoon with your friends. A fun day of shopping together is always a good idea. With full bags, you walk towards the car. Just drop the stuff and then have a bite to eat somewhere. Once you arrive at the car, you search your pockets for your car keys so that you can drop all those purchases in your car. But don’t find your keys. Where are your CAR KEYS?! You’ve already checked all your pockets three times. Even ask your friends if they happen to have them.

YOU HAVE LOST YOUR CAR KEYS! How do you get them back?

How do I avoid losing my car keys?

Before I tell you what to do if your keys are lost, I’m going to tell you how to avoid losing them. Because prevention is always better than cure.

1.    Always put your keys in the same place.

Make sure you always put your car keys in the same place where you can find them again. This can be in a key box or somewhere in a container. A place that is convenient for you. By doing this every day when you get home, you always know where your keys are.

2.    Use a smart keychain.

I can’t say it often enough. Attach a key ring to all your keys (home, bicycle, and car keys). Attaching Key tags to all your keys will make it easier to find.

The Key Tag makes it very easy for the finder to get in touch with the owner. When your (car) keys have been found, the feeling you get is indescribable.

3.    Put your car keys in a pocket with a zipper.

Why do I have to put my car keys in a pocket with a zipper? Because they can’t fall out. Many jackets have pockets with a zipper. Then put your car keys in there and close the zipper. This way, your keys can’t fall out.

Don’t have pockets with a zipper? Then put them in a bag (preferably with a zipper) or in your front pockets. In your back pockets, your keys are easy prey for pickpockets – and they won’t return your car keys.

I have lost my car keys, what now?

If, after endless searching, you still have lost your car keys, it is important to stay calm. Calmness can save you in these kinds of situations. And the tips below will help with that.

1.    Search together with a family member or roommate

Before you panic, I advise you to inform family members, roommates, and friends. They may have seen your keys.

2.    Have a car key made

If you still have a spare key at home, you can always have an additional key made at an official dealer. Don’t wait and do this immediately. You always want to have two keys.

3.    Contact your car dealer.

Lost your car key during the day? And you don’t have a spare key? Then call your car dealer. They can send a mechanic who can unlock your car with a special computer. But they may take more time and provide you with expensive services. That’s why it’s advisable to consult with a professional locksmith in Tampa.

4.    Call All In One Locksmith

Are you on the other side of the country without car keys? Or is it late or the weekend already? Then we are your best friend! Especially if you want to have roadside assistance. Our Automotive Locksmith in Odessa comes on the spot to open your car.

Lost car keys, what will it cost?

Having a new car key made can be quite expensive. Especially, when you drive a new car from the more expensive brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

The reason that car keys are sometimes expensive is because of the technology they contain. For example, immobilizer or the keyless entry technology, by which you can get into the car without taking the key out of your pocket.

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