We already have summer upon us, and many will go out and leave their homes alone. But do we know how to prevent the most current thefts in Tampa for these holidays? We show you some simple points to take into account. It is better to remember them than to regret them.

When summer is already upon us, millions of people worldwide plan their next vacation away from home. They hope to spend a few days on the beach or in the most as close as possible for economy or necessity. We are going to see some small details that must always be considered but that are worth remembering on these dates.

It sounds easy, but this should also leave some concerns about home security in Tampa, Florida. ​​It is a very important factor to take into account if we go on vacation and leave our homes alone.

During the summer, home burglaries tend to increase when people travel to destinations hundreds of miles away. This provides the conditions for thieves to enter without worry since no one can stop them.

Home security is something that worries all tourists too much because it is a time when they do not know what is happening with their home or who comes and goes. Much has been said about the subject, but there is no magic formula that can prevent burglary in houses during the summer one hundred percent, despite the efforts of the owners and the authorities.

Undoubtedly, there are some tips that can be useful to prevent burglaries in houses in summer, and that should be applied to the letter to be more effective. The fundamental thing in all cases is that the house appears not to be empty because it is the factor that has proven to be decisive in whether or not thieves enter to steal in the suburbs of the Tampa area.

Some simple tips to prevent theft at home

1.    Don’t post on social media about your trip

Currently, when people go on a trip during the summer, it is published on social networks. The recommendation, in this case, is to avoid posting it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It is ideal that it is not done before or during, you can wait a bit, and the effect will be the same.

Since the thieves are attentive to the social networks of what people publish to determine their objectives. Avoiding this a bit could help reduce the risk of a robbery while you are on vacation. It is well worth enjoying them and taking this measure into account.

2.    Don’t keep your valuables in plain view

Taking care of the exterior appearance of your home is a key to preventing thieves from seeing it as an easy point and that they hesitate to enter. It is recommended that the blinds not be completely down because it is a clear sign that no one is home.

Not leaving valuable targets in plain sight is important if they peek through windows. Ask your neighbors to report if they notice suspicious people or activity around the house, but do it with someone you trust or ask a family member to watch your house.

3.    Having a Sensor Lighting System

Having a lighting system that is suitable for the entire exterior of the house is one of the fundamental things. This will allow you to watch when you are and also see all the activities around you. No specialized system is needed.

You must have well-positioned lighting so that it is a factor that prevents home theft during the summer if you plan to go on a trip. I have to make sure that they work properly is another of the tasks that you must carry out before your vacation.

4.    Don’t allow mail, newsletter, and Parcels deliveries

Do not allow the accumulation of e-mail because it is one of the signs that all thieves have when no one is at home. Collecting them on your own would be impossible, being hundreds of kilometers away, so it is ideal to ask a friend, family member, or neighbor for a favor.

You only have to pick them up, protect them and deliver them when you return home. The risk of thieves entering the house to empty it will be reduced, and you will get a terrible surprise when you return. It is a simple piece of advice that can be put into practice, plus you should consider doing it for your neighbors.

5.    Close your Doors and Windows

Take care of the windows and locks. They must be completely closed, preferably never having a design that facilitates opening from the outside. The locks must always be maintained so that they do not fail at the least desired moment and facilitate the entry of thieves.

Before leaving on a trip, it is recommended that you check all the locks that are working properly. Preferably leave the keys with a family member to check if their activities allow it. Always use double insurance to protect further the house and all the belongings you keep there.

6.    Install Home Security System

Installing a security system can be expensive for many families, but it has to be seen as one of the best investments to protect your assets. Of course, it does not completely prevent thieves from entering the house, but it is a solution to deter them.

There are many solutions on the market. You don’t need a professional security camera system. You can have a simple one that allows access from anywhere globally through the internet. That would be a good investment to take care of the home when you go on vacation in the summer.

7.    Lock the Windows

Protect the windows with some objects and the entrances so that it is not easy to open the doors. You can even opt for a change of locks if it is considered necessary or reinforce the ones you already have. Nowadays, everything must be protected because it is the result of a great effort.

8.    Install a Safe

Have a safe to store valuables or money you have at home. Preferably, do not have so much cash and take it to a bank before leaving on your trip. It’s all part of taking care of the home, so they don’t try to steal.


In the end, thefts cannot be completely avoided. However, by following the tips that have been mentioned before, there is the possibility of reducing the risk and not having to be the next house to be emptied by thieves. Everyone can have their own conclusions on this particular issue, but it is important to consult with Residential Locksmith in Tampa. We have the best tools and gadgets to help you meet that minimum of security. ​​Do not hesitate to contact us to be “more secure” using our physical and active security services.


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