How to prevent your home from being robbed?

According to research, there’re 2.5 million burglaries happen each year, in which 66% is a home break-in. There is nothing that can stop a home burglary. The first thing we should do upon discovering we’ve been robbed is contacting the police. Beyond that, the terror, fear, and shock caused by your home becoming a crime scene can make it difficult for you to think clearly about what to do next.

The great thing is that a lot of these house break-in can be prevented with the help of a few steps to keep your home safe and secure. In this article, we are gonna discuss some of the best ways to keep your family and home safe.

So, Let’s discuss a few steps to protect your home from being robbed.

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Talk to a Professional Locksmith Tampa

Professional and certified locksmith service is the best place to start to keep your home protected from any unwanted guests or intruders. They’ll evaluate the safety of your current doors and windows and make them secure with high-quality equipment to keep your home safe. They may also recommend you to install durable locks and latches for all your doors and windows to prevent any burglary attempts. Because 95% of home invasion occur due to breaking a window, picking a lock, or kicking in a door (Source:

70% of burglaries occur because a window or door has been left open. Whether you are home or not, always make sure that each window or door in your home is locked at all times. This is one of the best and easiest way you can do to ensure your home isn’t the target of thieves.

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According to statistic, 83% of burglars leave home if they see an alarm system or an alarm company sign showing in the backyard or on a window.

Protect your Valuables

Hide your jewelry, cash, and other valuable items in unanticipated places of your home. Robbers usually head straight to your bedroom, thinking items of value will be hidden there. Also, engrave your phone number on your valuable items so they can’t be re-sold. Keep a record of serial numbers of all your items.

Never hide a key outside

Don’t leave keys of their home in obvious places like under the mat, or a flowerpot. Because these are the first place, a robber is going to look to try and enter your home! If you really need to leave a spare key around, keep one with a trusted neighbor or friend, is a better idea instead of hiding keys in such type of places.

Don’t Forget about Gate or Garage door

Don’t neglect or ignore the gates and garage doors of your home. Install high-security locks to make secure your entry point. Unlocked garage or fence is an open invitation for home intruders. They can get into your courtyard and take time getting around without anybody noticing.

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