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How to properly secure your garage door?

Nearly 15% of burglaries occur through the garage door in single-family homes in Riverview and elsewhere. That is to say that it is an access point too often neglected and from which burglars benefit to facilitate their break-in. In addition to your front door, the garage door deserves high-end security equipment, whatever the model. In this article, we’ll discuss, how you can secure your garage door properly.

Your garage door is manual:

The manual garage door has a lock on the outside and a button lock inside in many cases. Other, more comfortable models have a surface lock and a handle. To guarantee optimal security, bet on the multi-point lock, which offers excellent resistance. It will allow you to reduce attempted break-ins significantly.

However, that manual openings are more fragile. A tilting version opens with a simple crowbar. The manual garage door is recommended if you have another locking system (gate, wicket, fence, etc.)

Your garage door is automatic:

The advantage of this type of door, in addition to comfort, is rigorous electrical safety. The garage door is then fitted with an electric lock that allows the motor to start, open, or close your door, gate. It is interesting to know the different electric locks to make the best choice.

The lock with automatic key

This is ultimately a traditional way of working. That is, you insert the key into the cylinder of the lock, turn, and your garage door will open. For a rise in range and security, choose a multi-point lock.

For this type of lock model, it may be wise to install the box with the automatic lock a few meters before your garage, accessible without leaving your vehicle. This will open and close your garage door remotely. Further, you must get the help of a professional to integrate the garage door lock is at your convenience.

The code lock

No more keys; make way for the code! Your garage door can be opened and closed by simply entering a code. To minimize the risk:

  1. Change your code regularly.
  2. Do not hesitate to place your code box judiciously for more practicality daily with the automatic key. This modern and secure version can be imposed or strongly recommended by your insurance firm.
  3. Contact our expert Locksmith in Riverview to get more information.

Your garage is often a real treasure, between car, bike, motorcycle, mower, appliances, and tools. In a nutshell, it is overflowing with thousands of bucks, so protect it as it should be. We suggest you choose a garage alarm and high-security garage door to stop your burglars. Let’s not forget that after the garage, they attack your living areas. There are different high-security garage door locks options like T-bar lock, Tumbler Deadbolt Lock, Cane bolts, side-door lock, etc.

For a perfect, secure, and resistant lock installation, don’t hesitate to call a professional locksmith in Riverview, FL, to meet the requirements or optimize the security of your home. Our Competent, skilled, and certified locksmith team in Riverview, will take care of installing your keys and locks for the security of your accommodation. We assure you that hiring our qualified techs will protect you from scams in emergency situations where prices vary from one to three times.

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