It’s a no-brainer to say that your car is of little use if your car key doesn’t work or if you don’t have it available for some reason. Unfortunately, this, which may seem very obvious at first glance, is often not considered by vehicle owners. And this is where car key copies become an important issue. If you reach a situation of the type “I have lost all the car keys,” it does not matter how well cared for your car is or how attentive you are to its maintenance. None of this makes sense if you don’t have a key to start it. Let’s look at how you can replace a car key without the original.

Have you lost all the car keys?

Car key copies usually work very well. However, in some cases, making a duplicate car key can be a bit difficult if the original key is not present. And it is at that moment when you have lost all the car keys that the question arises: can I make a copy of the car key without having any?

The quick answer is YES! You can make copies of car keys without having any. Even if you have lost all the car keys and the car is completely locked. Although this is the most complicated situation, it has a solution even so. It can be obtained, for example, by using the cylinder of your car door and the mechanical code that originally had the blade of your car key. Once the purely mechanical part of the car lock has been resolved, continue with what is the programming of new keys in the vehicle. Occasionally, along with the papers of our car, we will have the key code, although this is not always the case. Also, in some cases, you can get the mechanical code of your car key by requesting it from the manufacturer.

Order your car key from your dealer.

Besides, you can go to your dealer for an additional key. The dealership orders a blank key, and an appointment will need to be made to have it programmed. Generally, the delivery time is one to two weeks, and the key cost is very high. So, hiring the services of a Locksmith for a car is always an ace idea.

Count on Professional Locksmith for Cars

Losing your car key can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have a duplicate. We don’t realize how important our car keys are until we lose them or they no longer work. You can avoid this embarrassing situation by having your car key duplicated before it’s too late. Not sure where to get your car keys copied? Search for “Auto Locksmith near me” or “Car Key Making near me.” Consequently, you will get a huge list of Locksmith companies. Choose the one that is reliable, certified, and have better reviews.

Modern chip keys require programming by a locksmith or auto company, although some hardware stores already do this. Almost all newer car keys like FOB keys and laser cut keys will require you to go to an auto locksmith or dealership to have the key made. And if you have lost all your car keys, a car locksmith is your best option to originate a car key because they can do it at your location.

What type of keys does my car use? Chip keys? Smart keys?

Before getting to work and looking for a locksmith, or the official dealer, it is convenient to know what type of key our vehicle uses. This preliminary step will give you security and make it much easier for you to understand what type of work you need from the professional. A car’s key is directly related to the model and year of manufacture. That is why it is always advisable to have the technical information of our car before resorting to a professional. For example, if you want to make a copy of a Volkswagen key, a 2005 Golf key will not be the same as a modern Passat key.

But do not think that this is something very complicated. It is not necessary that you have the original keys in your hand to know what type of key you need. It is enough for you to know if your vehicle uses the typical blade key, whether or not it is folding, a card-type key, such as those of Renault, or a more modern key, such as intelligent keys or Smart keys. This information and the technical sheet of the car should be more than enough for any professional you have selected to help you. What’s more, in practice, often only with the model and year of the vehicle, it is already known what type of key the car uses.

The best solution for the problem with the car keys

Once you are clear about the type of key your vehicle needs, the next step would be to choose a solution to get a copy. As we discussed a little above, these possible solutions range from trying something on your own to seeking the help of a car locksmith or going to the official dealer.

The solution you choose will be based on several different factors, ranging from the price of the car key copy to how quickly you will need the job done and your problem solved.

Price is usually the main factor that most car owners take into account. However, it is always good to have several options beyond price if possible. The key is something that you will use every day. And it is what at first may seem like a saving, such as making a simple key without the remote control. If it wrecks, it can end up being a headache that will force us to spend twice in the short term.

Where can I make copies of car keys without having the original?

Fortunately, unless you’re in a very remote location, there are always options near you to help you solve the problem. The most vital thing is to ensure that the person you’ve selected to solve your problem with the keys is a specialist.

For most vehicle owners, one of the main factors to consider is the price of making a copy of the car keys. This factor is precisely one of the main advantages of a car key specialist locksmith.

Having a specialist handle this job will save you money, in many cases even more than half the price compared to the official dealer. In addition, there is the additional advantage that most of these professionals can go to where your car is. Undoubtedly, it is something that makes the solution to your problem more comfortable. For all this, if you are seeking Locksmith near Tampa, FL, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The new car key is almost ready.

Once you have all the necessary information and have contacted a reliable locksmith, all you have to do is wait for them. He will program your new key to open or start your car. Don’t forget that the process of obtaining a car key made without having the original available takes a little more time than if it were a simple copy of the key.

Also, remember that modern car keys must be programmed in the vehicle before they can be used since they have a chip inside (transponder), which requires some previous steps.

And once the programming is finished, finally, your key will be ready!

We hope that this information on the necessary steps to make a copy of the car key, even if you have lost all of them, has been useful to you. And as always, if you’ve any questions, feel free to contact us.

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