Replace a Car key

How to Replace a Car key?

Currently, practically all modern vehicles are equipped with transponder keys or some type of electronic immobilizer system. At the same time, some are equipped with smart keys that control the opening and starting operation of the car. Perhaps during the day-to-day, it does not seem important to us. Still, the control of our car stores a lot of information about our vehicle (kilometers, car chassis, and seat position) and is of great help in the daily use of our vehicle. This is why making copies of car keys is essential.

Although car controls are always a vital issue in any modern vehicle, they are more so in some brands such as Rover or vehicles with a Smart key.

For example, in the case of Rover, if you don’t open the car with the remote, the car won’t start. This is why any possible damage to the remote will lead to the need to have a copy of the car remote.

Fortunately, the fact of having a key replacement for cars or a copy of the remote does not have to be a big problem, and neither does the price of car keys. That is what we will see in this post. Nowadays, we have several options to duplicate the car key or a new command.

Car key duplication is becoming more and more popular, so chances are you can find a solution near where you live. Having a possible solution nearby will certainly help us remain calm, although that proximity may not be the best thing when it comes to getting the best price for a copy of the car key.

What is the approximate price of Car Keys Replacement?

It is advisable to have a general idea of ​​the price of the spare parts, in this case of our keys or controls, in order to have a general idea and then try to reduce those costs.

If we compare it with the price of duplicating the car key, a car remote will be a little more expensive, but it will definitely also be our cheapest option. This may vary slightly for some brands, such as BMW and Mercedes, where these costs may be slightly higher but will probably be much cheaper than at the official dealer.

You will see that after doing some research, prices like these will probably represent a savings of 50% or even more compared to the official dealer.

Price of a car key copy:

At the time of writing this post, in the year 2022, a specialist will probably charge you between $150 and $600 for a new remote for your car.

Factors that influence the price of car keys and controls

We usually forget and often underestimate how valuable time can be and the type of service they will provide us. If we have our car immobilized or locked at the door of our house, immediate and specific service to our situation will also represent savings for us. The mere fact, for example, of avoiding calling a tow truck will be something that will give us a lot of peace of mind and time.

1.    Copy of car keys vs. command copy.

The cost of the parts involved will influence the final cost of our new controller. You must bear in mind that the price of making copies of car keys with transponders is different from programming car controls. Although many controls have the transponder included within the same plate, the complexity varies between a key with a chip and a car remote control. Something that is always recommended and can get us out of more than one hurry can be to repair the car’s control. Changing the buttons or the control casing can leave our control as new and thus save money.

A simple car key without a remote will always be the cheapest alternative when possible.

2.    Where to make a copy of the car remote?

As we have already mentioned on more than one occasion, there are multiple solutions for making copies of car keys, and many of these solutions have very different prices. Some of the most common solutions include enlisting the services of a car key copying specialist, contacting the dealer, or choosing to try to fix the problem yourself.

The price of a new remote for our car made with a specialist will vary in price with respect to the cost of replacing the remote control of the car. We must also take into account some other possible additional costs. Do we need the command urgently? Do we need them to go to where our car is? This brings us to the next point.

3.    How long does it take to make a copy of the car key?

The time required to program a new remote into the car is also an important factor to consider. Unlike most of the other factors that have been discussed above, time affects the final price of our new car remote in several ways. For example, if it is an unusual command on the market or requires additional programming. All this can increase the price of our remote, as well as the time in which we will obtain a solution.

Another option is to fix it yourself. Suppose it is possible to program the remote control manually, as, for example, happens in some Ford or Seat controls. In that case, this can be the most economical and the fastest. It is worth taking a moment to investigate this option.

Some tips to save money on car key duplication

  • Think of different solutions and options.

When most people encounter a car-related problem, whatever it may be, the first impulse is usually to contact the official dealer.

·         Look for different alternatives, and you will save money.

This does not mean that the official dealer is not a reliable source of solutions for our car. It is always a good idea to consult our official dealer if only to inform us and to be able to compare prices and times.

Taking the time to contact a professional car key specialist can save you a lot of money while also allowing you to avoid having to travel far to make a copy or program a new key into your car. You can even have this type of service at the door of your house without even having to move. Many of these professionals offer key programming services at home or in the workshop where you have the car.


·         Being cautious is cheaper.

Prevention is certainly better than cure. Having an emergency key stored in our house can save us from spending money unnecessarily later. The price of a copy of the car key can be around $60. But this is complicated and much more expensive if we have lost all the car keys. Not having any car key would mean having to make a blade like the one our key had, with the same code for our lock, without having any reference. Therefore, it will be necessary first to obtain the mechanical code of the key, either by asking the dealer (often they do not have it) or by removing and decoding one of the car’s cylinders. All this complicates the task of making a new car key and, of course, increases the price and time.

We can save ourselves all this simply by being proactive by always having an emergency key. Or better yet, programming a new remote into the car and leaving it at home.


Being informed and prevented will allow us to choose the best price without haste and thus save money. As would happen with the keys to our home, a simple copy will always be cheaper than requesting that our car door be opened by force because we have lost all the car keys.

Have you lost your keys or want to reprogram your proximity key? Feel free to contact our 24-hour locksmith in Tampa, FL.

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