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How you can make your locks last longer

The end of the life of a lock is reached when the lock breaks or is outdated. An outdated lock must be replaced because it no longer protects against the latest burglary methods. An outdated lock still works. You can lock the house and enter. But because burglars have invented new ways to open locks, an old lock no longer offers the required degree of protection.

To prevent the wear of locks or to postpone other defects in your locks as long as possible, it is best to choose high-quality locks at the time of purchase. A significant indicator of this is the quality mark.

Common problems with locks

With high-quality locks, you won’t have any problems. However, there are always things that can happen due to which a lock can no longer function properly. For example, it can happen that a key can suddenly no longer turn in the lock or that the key does turn, but the lock no longer locks the door (the door can no longer be closed properly).

Another common problem in the cold Tampa is frozen locks. But even with the warm weather, one can run into the problem that the door frames in the house expand so that a door no longer closes. However, there are specific actions that you can perform yourself that can prevent these problems and extend the life of a lock.

1. Copy keys

A common problem with a lock is that you can no longer turn the key in the lock. This problem can have several causes. We often see that the problem is not caused by the lock but by the key used. The key can be damaged or worn out due to frequent use. As a result, the key no longer fits properly in the lock’s cylinder. One way to avoid this problem is only to copy the original keys.

Every household sometimes has keys duplicated so that all family members have their keys with them. By keeping an actual key for possible copying, you ensure that the copy keys resemble the original as closely as possible. When a used or copied key is used, it will show more and more deviations. It can lead to the problem that you can no longer turn the key properly in the lock.

2. Maintenance of your lock

When you notice that a key no longer turns easily in the lock, you can ensure that this does not happen more often in the future with a bit of maintenance now and then. For example, spray lubricating oil into the lock so that its mechanism functions smoothly again. A lubricant can also offer a solution for a frozen lock

3. Enlist the help of a locksmith in time

If none of these actions solve your troubles, you can always approach a Locksmith. In case of issues that you cannot solve yourself, or for some extra advice on how best to maintain your locks, it is best to call in one of our Locksmith Largo FL. Our expert technician can solve your problem so that you do not have to purchase a new cylinder or lock.

We often see people run off with the cylinders themselves without actually knowing what they are doing. This often causes even more problems and especially a lot of unnecessary damage to the lock. And one usually has to have a new cylinder placed because the mechanic can no longer make your lock. All in all, with doubts or situations that you cannot solve yourself, always call All In One Locksmith! We will be happy to help you.

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