Need ACCESS CONTROLS in Tampa for companies and homes and offices? Due to the increased rate of Bulgary, an access control system and high-security locks are vital requirements for the security of our assets and loved ones.

What is an access control system?

The ACCESS CONTROL is an electronic system that denies or admits the access of a user to a specific area or room. Moreover, it helps to identify the person through different types of reading: key by keyboard, cards, or biometrics that in turn allows activating the opening of a door or some kind of barrier. It involves the entire range of electronic products and protection systems to manage security and protect against intrusions.

At All In One Locksmith in Tampa, we’ve a team of highly competent and qualified Locksmith techs to serve you to accomplish your locksmith need. Our techs will be at your disposal whenever you need us with advanced electronic solutions, scalable, flexible in installation, and integrated into locks and intercom systems. We assure you that our services will improve your productivity in your company and keep your home even safer in terms of recognition and access control. Count on us to ensure your maximum security.

Why should you entrust your access control and security project to All In One Locksmith?

A project to implement a security and access control system requires a prior study and design and the physical security knowledge necessary for the system to be truly safe and efficient. Our skilled Locksmith Tampa guarantees a personalized technical assistance service with a team of professionals. We offer you support from the project phase to resolve any doubts or need for expansion after the final installation of your system. The diversity of products we work with always guarantees flexibility at the operational level and subsequent continuous management of information and decisions to improve business productivity and security of your company or home.

Installations of usual ACCESS CONTROL systems:

·         Access controls for offices, companies, and shops:

Access to sensitive areas of your company can be managed intelligently thanks to access control solutions that allow you to enable or disable the cards of clerks or employees easily. You may or may not authorize the opening of particular doors on previously defined days and times, being able to connect to locks, which can be configured to remain open or to close automatically when the door is closed.

·         Access controls for communities and large buildings:

The different access doors must remain secure in a community and large buildings such as hotels, hospitals, clinics, private residences, and schools. So that access is only allowed to residents and people who have been previously authorized. This would not be possible if the door is only equipped with the usual electric lock since the electrical impulse sends the opening command to the lock, remaining permanently open until the door is closed again. It is during this period of time that it is possible to enter without authorization.

The ACCESS CONTROL systems Tampa offer adequate solutions for this type of problem. It allows the security status of the door to be restored by establishing. For example, a courtesy time until the lock returns to its origin, regulated the security system indoors and entrances according to our priorities.

Products and systems for access control:

  • Online access control
  • Autonomous access control
  • Biometrics
  • Door automation
  • Radiofrequency devices, locks, and infrared
  • Cards, key fobs, and remote transmitters.

We maintain the material infrastructure with the best and most avant-garde access control hardware and software technology manufacturers. Contact us now if you want to enhance the security of your premises.

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