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It can only happen to you, your car has fallen into the lock, and your car keys are still in the car. Not something that happens every day, but it still happens more often than you expect. Did you lock your car manually, or did the vehicle lock itself? Then you have a (small) problem. Your car keys are locked in, and you can’t open the car from the outside anymore. How do you get your car open? In this blog, you will find five solutions for when your car keys are in a closed car.

1.      Use spare key

The most logical solution is to get your spare key and use it. It is always wise to put it in a convenient place. Didn’t get a spare key with your car? Then have one made. Pick up the key or have someone bring the spare key if possible. Does your situation not allow it because you are too far from home? You do not get home quickly within walking distance or public transport or when no one else can bring you the spare key. 

2.      Consult car dealer

If the spare key is not an option, consult the car dealer. Dealers are in close contact with the car manufacturer and often have a mechanical or electronic trick to unlock the car from the outside.

3.      Fishing your rim lock

Before calling in extra help, you can, of course, also try to get into your car yourself. Maybe you are handier than you think and you can open your car without damage. You can easily fish the rim lock yourself, especially with older cars. What do you need? Using a piece of iron wire, you can fish through the door gap to the inner catch of the door.

4.      Call Locksmith

Can’t the car dealer help you, can’t get your spare key, and can’t you open the car yourself? Then you can choose to call a car locksmith Tampa. They are specialized in opening and forcing all kinds of functional closures and locks. Our Locksmith Tampa offers emergency repairs of hinges and locks, removes broken keys from locks, replaces broken cylinders, and provides burglary prevention.

Make sure you have read enough experience stories because many scammers work within the locksmith profession. Choose a reliable, experienced, licensed locksmith like All In One Locksmith.

5.      Call roadside assistance

If you have taken out roadside assistance insurance, your left behind keys may be covered. In this case, you can call the breakdown assistance service to open your car for free. Our roadside assistance service can help if your car is locked out.

Last option: tap in a car window?

The last option you might think of is tapping your car window. That may seem the quickest, cheapest, and easiest solution, but it’s still the least sensible choice. You cannot recover the windscreen damage from car insurance. It is considered insurance fraud, and the car window replacement is not cheap. Your car will also be full of minuscule glass shards, the risk of injury is also high. All in all, the least secure solution.

But first!

You locked yourself out. Your car is locked with your keys still in the ignition. Now what? Before taking the steps above, check all doors, including the trunk! Doing it yourself is not without your own risk, so if getting the spare key is not an option, look to a car key replacement service or roadside assistance service. Keep the keys with you next time. Make sure to do that, because it will save you a lot of stress and time!

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