Locks to get during this ‘lockdown’

Door lock repair

Just a year and a half ago, who would have thought how drastically a virus would change the way the world operates. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the globe and has forced us to stay indoors for the sake of our safety and of those around us. This novel disease still needs a lot of research to equip us with the means to stay 100 percent protected against severe disease. Nevertheless, while you cannot keep the virus at bay, you can still finally install the latest Clearwater lock and safe technologies in your building and the car to stay safe against crimes and to keep up with the changing times.

The current situation dictates that most people are confined to their buildings. You suddenly notice how loud the locks creak or how rusty the keys have become, or maybe come across a no-contact, keyless Clearwater lock and safe option that decreases virus transmission manifold. It is definitely the time to make some amends to the keys and locks.

Below are some of the things you can do to better the condition of the locking system of your building and vehicles while following all safety protocols against the deadly COVID-19:

  1. Key-less entry systems
Access Control System For Home And Business

Do away with the frustration of searching for a key on you by opting for key-less entry systems for your car. It makes things simpler in the COVID-19 era, too, as less contact means lesser chances of catching the virus while running errands. The level of sophistication and expertise required for this installation calls for reliable Clearwater lock and safe service providers. Make sure you undertake thorough research before going keyless during this lockdown.

  1. Lock and key replacement

Sanitizing and spraying disinfectant over any object that is to be touched is the foremost SOP to be followed against the virus. This means that most of your locks and keys will always be covered by fluid in an attempt to disinfect as profoundly as possible. If the systems in your building are old and rusty, following this protocol can compromise the life of your lock and keys. In order to prevent a system failure, it is high time that you call lock and safe services to analyze the condition of your residential or commercial building’s locks and keys before they get too rusty to do their job.

  1. Going smart
sensor key

COVID-19 has forced us to look for systems that are smart and can be controlled remotely to contain virus transmission. Managing doors and windows with the help of your phone is the latest technology that is being offered by many reliable Clearwater lock and safe service providers. Software installed on your smartphone acts as the link between you and each lock in your building or your car. A common Wi-Fi connection is the only thing needed to get the system going. No one has to touch the doors, windows, or your car, not even you, to allow entry or exit. Social distancing is also maintained in this remote operation.

  1. Enhanced security for your workplace
Home security
Security alarm keypad with person arming the system

Businesses and on-site commercial activity are most hard-hit by the current pandemic. As governments continue to enforce stricter lockdowns, there is a probable chance that offices might not start working for many months. This increases the vulnerability of your commercial building to robbery. To keep everything safe and in order while the lockdown continues, you definitely need to catch up with your nearest Clearwater lock and safe services to install high-security locks and key systems to security cameras in your office.

So, what is that’s stopping you? Get your nearest and trusted Clearwater lock and safe services on phone now!