Locksmith New Port Richey – Guides to Commercial Locks

The safety and security of your residence and business is an essential part of the comfort of our life. As a business owner, we face different challenges on a day-in-day-out basis. Security Threats are also one of the commercial challenges. Retaining talent in the workplace and to produce consistent quality end product needs peace of minds of you and your employees. As a fresh mind can create a good and better idea. If you give your employees a safe and secure environment, they’ll provide you with the best quality of work. High-Security Locks and advanced security system can give this comfort to you and your employees. It also a great way to keep an eye on your business and employees also.

Today, there are many companies in the market that provide a wide range of locks and security system for commercial property. Determining which best suit the security need of your commercial property is a cumbersome task.  Locksmith is the only reliable person that can understand how essential the security of our premises is. Locksmith is as important for our security as the key is essential for locks. That’s why they’re also called saviors. Our commercial Locksmith in New Port Richey are highly experienced, fully trained, bonded, insured, and certified. You can trust us, after our hiring our services you’ll find that dealing with advanced locks and security system is like a piece of cake for us. We provide prompt services without compromising with the quality of work. Here, we’ll gonna discuss which type of locks are better for commercial properties.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical Lever Locks are consist of interior and exterior lever, interior and exterior rose, a latch, a cylinder, and chassis. They’re specially designed for commercial and industrial use. These locks are operated either with a key or push button. Push button being in the interior of the lock while the key is on the exterior end of the lock. These locks are ideal for high traffic volume.

Mortise Locks

These are high-security commercial door locks. Mortise locks are durable and reliable for high traffic areas. These locks are made up of lock body, spindle, and strike plate, lock cylinder and handle. These come with an expensive range of trims and options available for a variety of end-user application. The deadbolt with mortise locks body makes it incredibly resistant to force entry of intruders. Mortise locks last for a long time and ideal choice for budget-conscious installation.

Keypad Lock

These are incredibly beneficial for both commercial and residential use. These locks use programmable codes and have eliminated the need for a key. They also offer the potential for master key control setting. It features of programming allow the individual access to specific areas. Keyless keypad lock can’t be bumped, picked or bypassed by using traditional methods. These features make keypad lock a secure choice especially when it combines with biometric lock features.

Panic Bar

A panic bar is built by keeping exit in mind rather than the entrance, that’s why they function differently from traditional locks. These locks work with the connection between latch and bar.  When the bar is depressed, the internal mechanics of panic bar pull back the latch that keeps the door closed and also allow the rapid opening of the door. They are installed for rapid exit and egress in mind, to aid in an emergency situation like a fire.

Electric Strike

These locks are a combination of keypad lock and panic bar. They’re electrically powered with unlocking and exit in mind. These locks come in fail-safe and fail-secure varieties. Electric strike locks are chiefly best for commercial building that experience high volume foot traffic.

Locksmith New Port Richey, FL can repair, replace, and rekey all types of locks and key. They’ll go whole the nine yards to handle your security need. Our team of a locksmith will coordinate with you so that your master lock is not outdated when any future re-key occur.

If you experience a lockout, loss of key or broken, don’t hesitate to call us. Our experienced Locksmith New Port Richey, FL will come to your point to give you the notchy quality of services.

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