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Lost car keys! What now? 4 surprising solutions!

Have you lost your car key?!

That’s no fun!

Because without a car key, you are stuck. You often can’t get in your car, let alone drive it.

When you lost your car key, you used to go to an auto Locksmith to get a car key replacement service.

Lost car key: You can’t just have modern car keys ‘repaired.’

But nowadays it is no longer as simple as losing your car key! Because modern car keys have been equipped with a so-called ‘transponder’ since 1998. That is a chip that sends a code when you start the car. That makes it a lot more difficult for thieves to get into your vehicle and drive it. But unfortunately, you too, if you have lost your car key. And I speak from experience.

That transponder is the reason that you can’t just go and buy a new car key from the locksmith.

But what can you do if your car key is lost?

Lost car key: solutions

  1. Make sure you have a spare car key! One for emergencies. If you’ve misplaced your car key, you can at least still drive a car. And you can then take the time to order a new one. Anyway, let’s assume you don’t have a spare car key!
  2. Call your car dealer. If you’re lucky, they can send a mechanic over who can open your car with special computer equipment and program a new key on the spot. It is the most optimistic and finest scenario.
  3. If plan 2 does not work, there is plan 3: order a new car key from your car dealer. But according to the Consumers’ Association, keys that you order through an official dealer are more expensive. It brings me to plan 4.
  4. Find a key specialist. That’s a matter of googling your car’s make + additional car key.

How much does it cost to make a new one?

The price of a new car key varies greatly. For example, we drive a 2001 Renault Kangoo. A new key for that type of car costs only a tenner. But there are also brands where you have to pay 200 USD for a new car key.

Prevention is better than cure

When I had lost our car key, it turned out that I had thrown it in the gray container! A typical and embarrassing case of extreme absent-mindedness. A trick to finding a car key is to attach such a key ring that you can whistle. The key fob will then respond with a beep.

Emergency Automotive Locksmith service

Okay, you have an important appointment, and you have lost your car key. Argh! What now?! It is urgent because you want to be on time.

Your best option is your car dealer. They can sometimes send someone to open the car for you.

Another option is to have a new car key made urgently. Choose a reliable Locksmith company like All In One Locksmith. Our car Locksmith Tampa makes a new car key while you wait for it. At others, you can order one, and it will be delivered the next day. But you have to count on at least 3 hours if you have lost your car key.


Losing your car key is a nuisance! Especially if you don’t have a spare car key. In this post, I give 4 solutions to this problem.

My personal tip is: make sure you always have a spare key at home! If you have no spare key, get benefits from our urgent key duplication service.

Some insurance policies reimburse a new car key. But that depends on your car insurance policy. If you have cut back on it, there is little chance that a new car key will be reimbursed.

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