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Many new developments are taking place when it comes to smart locks for home or rental property. Security locks are also called smart locks. They protect your home and property against burglary and theft. These locks can be operated manually. But nowadays, you can also operate it remotely, for example, with a remote control or an application on your smartphone. These smart locks are becoming more and more popular for residential or commercial premises. So, in this article, we’ll discuss what exactly is a smart lock? And what are the latest developments in the field of smart locks?

What is an electronic or smart lock?

When it comes to burglary prevention for private individuals, technicians are also becoming more advanced and modern. The latest developments mean that you can protect your home or property better and better. Of course, you prefer to keep the burglars’ guild outside the door. Earlier electronic locks have been available for business premises. Now, these developments are also available for residential owners.

An electronic or smart lock automatically locks a door or entrance. Because we can operate these locks both manually and electrically, the use of a key is no longer necessary. Smart locks work in combination with a code or a card. The latest developments also make it possible to open or close the door with an app on the smartphone.

Different types of electronic locks

There are quite a few new developments for individuals in the field of electronic and smart locks. We can roughly divide these locks into two groups. Firstly, you can opt for an electronic lock that works in combination with the current lock. This option is mainly suitable for cylinder locks. You use the current lock in combination with an electronic lock. No need to replace locks. Secondly, you can now also opt for a completely new system. The old locks will have to be replaced to make an electronic security system. Each option comes with its own specific controls. Which one you choose depends on your wishes and personal preference.

An electronic lock for Residential Owners: new operating techniques and developments

If you want to secure your home with excellent burglary prevention, you can choose from various smart locks. Of course, this also includes various operating options. Where it used to be done mainly with a numerical code, there are now many new security developments. The type of operation also depends on the type of lock you choose. We’ve listed the latest options for you:

·         Remote control:

This development in the field of smart locks for private individuals has been around for a while. With this advancement, you can open or close the lock remotely. You can use the remote control in combination with the key. So you can open or lock the door electronically, but you can also do it manually.


A new development in smart locks for homeowners is the operation through an application. It works much the same as a remote control. However, you install the app on your phone or tablet. You can also share the code you use with roommates or family. You can also revoke access at any time.

Numerical code:

If you opt for burglary protection by means of smart locks, you can also operate it with a numerical code or pin code. You enter this code on the smart lock or via an application. You can also open and close the door remotely.


The most advanced development for private premises is a smart lock with a biometric scan. Basically, this means opening the lock with a fingerprint or your eyes. It is also known as an iris scan. You can add several people to the software of these electronic locks. The lock will only unlock if the scan recognizes a fingerprint or iris.


The use of Bluetooth with electronic locks is also the newest development. The lock is opened or closed when the Bluetooth of the lock and that of your smartphone connect to each other.

Do you want to install smart locks?

At All In One Locksmith, we specialize in installing smart or electronic locks. For example, if you want to provide your home with excellent burglary protection, our Residential Locksmith in New Port Richey will be pleased to assist you. Are you not sure which electronic lock is suitable for your home or property? Feel free to contact us. We’ll do everything to make you satisfied.                                                                                

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