A jewelry store has traditionally been an exciting target for shoplifters.

The combination of precious items, which can also be quickly tucked away, means that jewelers need very well-thought-out shoplifting protection.


Jewelers not only sell jewelry that can be stored in a safe or secure counter, but also watches and other items that need to be displayed. Therefore, the shop must be secured not only at the display cases but also at the exit, using shoplifting gates.

With their elegant design, these should fit into a stylish jewelry store and should be able to detect very compact item protections. The discretion of the systems is of great importance to the customers who visit the jewelry store.


Discretion and performance are of the utmost importance for the security of jewelry. It goes without saying that the security label must be able to preserve the elegant aspect of a beautiful necklace so that you can pick up and wear the necklace without being hindered.

Some jewelry will be impossible to secure due to its shape or size. We have digital cabinet locks for this.


Camera security is not only a logical must for jewelers. It is, in many cases, mandatory by the insurance company. No camera security means no theft insurance.

We have many years of experience in CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) camera surveillance. Using this, the jeweler can view images in real-time and in the delayed relay. You can do it locally and at remote locations via a stable network connection.

But the efficient operation of camera security starts before the thief enters the store. A clear indication of the presence of CCTV security certainly has a discouraging effect.


It is not always enough to know how much money is at the end of the day. Jewelers are certainly just as curious to know how many customers came to their store(s). After all, customers are not always buyers.

That is why we can provide customer counting, with eyes in the shoplifting gates, but possibly by separate counters. The customer counting data is managed online and is available to the jeweler in an “Analytics” environment. The figures are displayed in attractive graphs and charts.

Correct customer counting data can help the jeweler see conversion ratios between the number of customers and the turnover and determine when more or less staff should be deployed.


A significant challenge for the jeweler is to secure all items in the store while still keeping all items readily available.

Jewelry cabinets with classic keys have significant drawbacks in terms of ease of use (keyring) and security (what if someone copies your key?).

That is why we offer smart cabinet locks in jewelry stores, which are opened and closed with 1 single digital key. You can change the coding of these smart keys regularly and conveniently. You can even assign it to a specific member of staff. Afterward, the actions performed with this key (who opened which cabinet and when?) can be consulted via the Access Manager.

To enhance your jewelry store security, contact All In One Locksmith. We are a licensed (HCLOC18009) and reliable Locksmith in Tampa, FL.

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