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Due to the rising crime rate, it has become necessary for everyone to increase the security of their property. So installing an access control system is now a must for everyone. It ensures security and filter entries and exits. In addition, it is an effective tool for scheduling management, especially in companies.

 There are many different types of control systems available in the market. However, first and foremost, you need to know which system suits your needs.

 All-in-One Locksmith has a team of loyal security experts. We offer the best security solutions to meet your home as well as office security needs. In addition, our security consultant will guide you on which access control system best meets your property security needs.

Reliable Access Control for your Residence in Tampa

Your home is where you want your family, friends, and valuables always safe. For that reason, everyone must pay full attention to the security measures of their home. You must have an access control system in your home for many reasons, but above all, it gives you peace of mind. Only professionals like our locksmith in Tampa can help you in this regard. So, Count on us. At All In One Locksmith, we provide excellent services to protect your home from potential criminals and risks. Besides, we also help to explore the best option and install it on your property. Our access control services include the following:

  • Remote video control.

Setting up a CCTV camera is an ace way to identify potential threats. Internet Protocol video surveillance or IP cameras are well-known among homeowners. Because it allows you to send video over computer networks or smartphones.

  • A contactless communication solution.

Do not worry if you don’t know who is at the door. You can open the door without becoming a potential victim or feeling vulnerable with your home intercom. So, get in touch with us to make your life easier.

  • Alarm.

When setting up a reliable alarm system, immediately check for safety deficiencies at home. Moreover, get 24/7 support from our mobile security module.

The Professional Access Control Solution for your business

The security of your business is very important. Now is the time to be safe during and after work. We have huge experience in access control system installation. In addition, we can install and maintain the best access control brand like:

Bosch, ReadyKey Pro, Lenel, AccessEasy, Honeywell, Door King, Win-Pak, Securitron, Aiphone, DMP, as well as IEI, NetAXS, Linear, HES, and Viking. Our access control solutions include the following:

  • Business tracking solution—Monitor your business facilities with indoor and outdoor CCTV. Our access control team provides webcams in Tampa that provide seamless monitoring based on your business needs.
  • Automatic gates Tampa– Automatic gates restrict access for enhanced security. Consequently, you do not need to worry about the security of your Adobe’s ingress and egress point.
  • Customized Access Control Solution– Our customized control systems are also beneficial for your office security. You can personalize it according to your unique security needs.
  • Door access control—We offer diverse electronic locks so that only people can access the door. Magnetic locks prevent the door from remaining open after use. While you can use door locks without a key or fingerprint to secure areas that require a high level of security.
  • Proximity card readers— Authorized proximity card readers transfer data through the reader to the Access Control Panel. As a result, it triggers the door to unlock. Our skilled techs can also create a reliable access card for your team that gives them access to your property.
  • Keypad Access– We can install keypad access at the exit. It provides access only to residents, staff, and people who have been given the passcode.
  • Biometric Access– A biometric device at the entrance of your premises only allows authorized people to enter. Thus, they can only get access by using their thumb impression or fingerprint scanning.
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Why All In One Locksmith?

  • ALL IN ONE Locksmith is the number one choice for access control systems in Tampa.
  • Our vast client base is proof of our satisfied clients.
  • Considering the sensitivity and nature of our services, we pay special heed to our technicians’ continuous professional development (CPD) to ensure their competency.
  • Besides, we are always committed to providing the highest security considering your unique requirements and budget.
  • ALL IN ONE Locksmith is LISCENCED, INSURED, BONDED, as well as a LOCALLY OWNED locksmith service provider in Tampa.  
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Best Access Control Solution in Tampa

All In One Locksmith offers the repair and installation of Access control systems for projects of all sizes. Our well-trained locksmiths provide protean as well as scalable access control solutions from buildings to gates or multi-door buildings. So, no need to worry about your facility’s security and employees.

Access control may seem cumbersome from one stance, but we want to ensure that we will simplify the process. Let us visit your site and provide you with a detailed offer. So that you can be better aware of our competency. 

Suppose you have a chaos control system. In that case, we can clean cables, repair broken markings, and replace door sensors. Moreover, our techs can replace batteries and install our software on your existing hardware, saving you money.

Due to our extensive knowledge, we can easily cater to door hardware, local codes, and laws. For example, if you consider a fire door inspection, contact us as soon as possible. Our competent experts can fix any defects in your physical hardware. Further, we also guide you for access control as well as video surveillance improvements. What’s more? Call us today to get more information.


An excellent company that offers the best service at the right time and at the right price. Matt came to our office and changed all the locks in less than 4 hours. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.


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