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Steering Wheel locked: what should I do?

Do you know how to act if you find the steering blocked when you start the car? Do not lose your nerves. We will tell you the technique to unlock the anti-theft.

It may have happened to you, you open the door of your car, insert the key in the ignition lock and get ready to take the wheel to start driving, but suddenly you realize that you cannot do it because the steering is locked. How can you remove this block?

Find out the reason of Steering Wheel Locked Up

Cars have an anti-theft locking system to deter theft from occurring while your vehicle is parked. It prevents the car from moving if it is not started with its corresponding key. In addition to preventing them from moving your car without the correct key, it also helps prevent the car rolling if it must be transported on a tow truck.

Because it is used with great frequency, this system may experience problems due to its use and the keys or cylinders. It can get damaged over the years, making you unable to unlock the steering wheel even if you have inserted the correct key.

The cylinder in which the ignition lock is located has a steel pin located inside the hole through which the key is inserted. It communicates with the vehicle’s steering column. This pin that fits into the steering column is responsible for locking the steering wheel. Its operation is simple. When you insert the key and turn it towards the ignition, the lock will retract, freeing the steering column to unlock the steering wheel.

As you can see, due to use, this system may fail, and the steering wheel stays locked without giving you the ability to move it when you insert the key in the lock and turn to turn it on. In these cases, don’t worry, there is a solution to drive your car without problems. Although if the problem persists, it will be advisable to change the key cylinder as it may be damaged.

The first thing you should do is relax. You must be calm because although a priori seems like a problem, it has a solution. It is best to use your patience and focus on performing leisurely movements.

How to deal with a Locked Steering Wheel?

To unlock the steering wheel, you must look at your car’s wheels. If these are too close to the curb, you will need more force to unlock them. If you can push the car a bit to separate it from the curb, this will improve the maneuvering and avoid damage to the tires.

Once you are calm and have verified that the car is not too close to the curb, you should sit in the driver’s seat. Next, insert your car key into the lock as you would normally. Now, you must turn the key and the steering wheel at the same time with small repetitive movements. If everything has gone well, you will hear a click that will indicate that the address has been unlocked, and the car will be able to start and circulate without problems.

If you cannot unlock it, you will have to remove the key from the lock and perform the same maneuver again to ensure that the steering is unlocked correctly.

As you can see, this is a common problem, but with a very simple solution. To avoid these unforeseen events, it is advisable to maintain your vehicle’s locks regularly and change them if necessary over the years.

 However, this trick doesn’t help you unlock your car steering; you must contact Car Locksmith in Wesley Chapel.

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