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are the hot talk right now because you can control and restrict unwanted people from accessing your residential, commercial, industrial and business premises and it adds up an extra security layer resulting much higher level of confidence and security for your and your family or employees. Home security related crimes have become growing problem nowadays. In United State burglary takes place about every eighteen seconds. 12% of burglars come in through an unlocked entrance, and 22% of Robbers enter through the back door. According to an estimation number of burglaries increased by 1% – 2% each year. 90% of the police state that Alarm helps to deter theft.

Residents and businesses in Tampa are also concerned about security measures. For the residents and businessmen in Tampa Bay Area, Brandon, Clearwater, St Petersburg and surrounding areas All in One Locksmiths Tampa provides effective residential and commercial security solutions that makes them feel secure in home, office, or any commercial premises.

Whether you’re homeowner or renter, home security is the top priority because this is the only way to secure your loved ones and your premises. Most of the burglars use an easily accessible target which has little or no security system. 60 % of convicted burglars influenced their decision due to presence of home security system.

Knowledge is power more you learn about burglary more effectively you can protect your home. However, if you want to go the extra mile to learn more about the ways of home security system. Here, are some tips that help you to secure your home and help you to deter theft.


Door Locks

High-security locks on your front door are an essential part of the security of your home.  If you have bought a new home and want to save your family then re-key or change your locks immediately. Here, are some best door locks that can enhance your home security.

 Mortise Locks are very popular antiques locks. They are durable, reliable, and continue to function for decades to come. Mortise Locks usually use lever locks as a mechanism. They can’t open by breaking a panel and by turning the knob. It can only be open by inserting key which rotates a rectangular piece of metal that manipulate the handle to retract the latch.

Deadbolts play an imperative role in the security of the front door because they cannot be battered and bored. They resist any forced entry into the house to provide you with proper safety.

 Smart Locks can be locked and unlocked remotely by smartphones app. They are an advanced type of locks that can be set to automatically lock your door when you’re away from your home.

Always keep the reliable and trusted locksmith standing by so that you can easily access the “best Locksmith near mewhen you need to rekey or replace your locks. Getting locked out is the worst situation but can happen with anyone at any time.  24 hr Locksmith number in your contact list is the best idea to handle this type of flustered situation.


Locks the windows

Windows are considered the weakest point of entry. Most of us in summer open window to get a nice cross breeze but don’t forget to lock it. Most of the burglar enters the home through the open window.

According to an estimation, 23% of burglars come to the house through a window to break-in. Use window bars, grilles and reinforce your window glass to make your windows are burglar-proof from invaders. Use protective film to cover your window to prevent from shattered or smashed by intruders. It also helps to avoid burglars looking into your house directly. Flip locks, Sash locks, and keyed locks are famous locks to secure your windows. Most of the home security systems also offer a window sensors that sound alarm if any intruder or robber scope out home.


Install an alarm system

No doubt alarm system is a little costly, but you can never quantify its benefits. You could also fix fake Alarm boxes to deter theft. Having a good security system makes having peace of mind because it will lessen or decrease the chances for the intruders to get into your house. If you have a home alarm, and in case a burglar or thief tries to break-in your house, the sensor will trigger the alarm when they have no time to hang around too long. The Security Company will call the homeowner to verify the emergency. If you do not attend the call, the security company will send the police to check out the situation.


Install Security Camera

Security Cameras are effective deterrent. CCTV security cameras makes feeling more safe and secure resulting peace of mind for protecting your family and assets.

Doorbell Video Cameras

The doorbell video camera on your porch allows you to view who’s ringing the bell without you having to open the door. If intruders come into your porch and steal a packet, you’ll get them on video and can even talk with them on an intercom system.

IP Cameras

IP camera or Internet Protocol Camera is a digital video camera that offers significant surveillance advantages. They receive code data and sends images data via the internet. It allows you to monitor your house while you are away from your home.

PTZ Camera

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras are ideal for providing coverage to a larger area. It also allows the user to get the best 360-degree angle viewing at any time of the day and night. It is also capable of detecting motion within its field of view.

CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras make your home safer and more protected. It transmits live pictures back to a television screen where developments can be monitored and recorded. It provides the most significant deterrent effect in pre-planned crime. Cut to the chase. A visible camera not only gives you peace of mind but also stop your house being specifically targeted.

There are several types of Security Cameras that worth your attention. Most of the people believe that robbers break-in the abode during the night time. It’s all wet. In reality, the favorite time of most intrepid thief is hours between 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Because most of us are at work or school during the day and 70% of burglaries occur when nobody is at home. Fortunately, Security Cameras can you back even when you are miles away.

Install Home Security System

Setting up a Home security system for one’s abode is a proactive approach—makes it more difficult for opportunistic burglars, to the extent that they can’t be bothered breaking in and move on elsewhere in your home. It assures the homeowners that they can sleep peacefully in their homes, or that they can enjoy their vacation without having to worry about thieves and robbers. In a nutshell, you will get a lot of bang for your buck by installing Home Security System. It not only deter theft but can also be a crucial fail-safe for someone enters your home.

Considering the cost of what you could go down the drain if you were robbed, a security system maybe one of the best and complacent investments you ever make. Our home is our castle, but its security is a constant challenge. However, small tactics and safety precaution minimize the chances of being a victim of a break-in. Plan ahead for the worst and nastiest case will prevent you from becoming a sitting duck.

Are you locked out or need key cutting services or key copy Tampa Bay? Contact with us at 813-290-9092. We’ll come to your salvage as soon as possible to fulfill your security need.


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