Tampa Lock and Key services for Commercial Users

We are living in an era where business owners are continually facing security threats. Threats of the commercial owner abound from competition to burglars. If you’re a small business owner, you might think that you’re immune from break-in and cyber-attack?  You might be thinking that criminals should be more interested in Giant Corporation and much deeper pocket.

Unfortunately, statistics paint a different picture. 64% of small business fall victim to employees theft. Almost 58% of burglary involved forcible entry. Businesses without an alarm system are much likely to burglarize.

An ounce of prevention is most definitely worth a pound of cure. The more you invest in securing your business, the less likely you’re targeted by criminals. A reliable security system from Commercial Locksmith Tampa, FL will prevent you from going down the drain. They’ll help to beef up the security of your businesses whether it’s big or small—and make it harder for any potential intruders to gain access to your commercial space.

Commercial Locks are not only essential to make your business secure but it also necessary to show visitors, customers or clients that how much effort you’ve put to keep your commercial property safe. Here, are some money-saving tactics that Commercial Locksmith Tampa will provide you to improve your business security.


Are you worried because your office Locks become vulnerable due to key control? Or a terminated employee stormed off without returning his or her key. Are you thinking about changing the locks of your commercial property? Don’t panic! Our Commercial Locksmith Tampa suggests re-keying of locks instead of replacing in such type of situation. Changing of Locks is much more expensive then it is to have them re keyed. Re keying of locks requires less new materials, though it depends on the type of locks.  Standard pin tumblers are easy to re key. They can be re-key by replacing the tumbler pin inside the lock cylinder with all new parts. Re-keying is also beneficial when the internal of locks are worn.

Upgrade to Commercial Locks

Most of the business owners do not use sturdy storefront door locks. If you’re using residential locks or weak, insubstantial locks in your business, an upgrade to strong commercial-grade locks may be in your best interest. A small investment on commercial locks will give you bang for your buck. Whether you decide to put in a simple mortise lock or use this opportunity to upgrade and invest in electronic locks, both options will be better than flimsy locks. Commercial locks are designs to withstand more turns and rotations than residential locks. They also boast a thicker construction which makes them more durable. Though this isn’t the most economical solution, sometimes there’s no other way to get the security and peace of mind you need as a business owner Our Commercial Locksmith Tampa will go whole the nine yards to enhance your security they’re fully equipped and can handle all types of locks. They will help you in the selection of high-security lock that suits to your premises.

Locks Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential for the overall lock function. Your locks will get worse over time if they’re sticking and showing the sign of wear. Let the problem go unresolved will actually speed up the deterioration of your locks. Keeping the lock maintains with the help of Commercial Locksmith Tampa will ensure that your locks are subject to the lowest amount of wear and tear.

Key Duplication

Are your office key is lost or break? Need key duplication Tampa. Count on us we provide a wide array of services to our clients from changing or installing high-security locks to access control system. We can understand the worth of your company assets and employ. That’s why we’re offering valuable and high quality of services that is not punching a hole in your pocket.

If you’re thinking to rekey and replace your locks and want to contact with Commercial Locksmith Tampa, FL—don’t hesitate to call our legitimate Locksmith Tampa. They will bolster up your business security with their comprehensive services.  We take pride in being the go-to 24-hour locksmith Tampa in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Pete and look forward to helping you in all your security needs. Call us today at 813-290-9092.

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