protect your home against a burglary

The best tips to protect your home against a burglary

Burglars are using more and more violence to enter homes, so it’s extra important to pay attention to good burglary protection. Usually, a break-in is due to poor security of the locks. With good robbery protection, there is a good chance that you’ll keep burglars out. Our Locksmith has extensive experience in preventing home burglaries. The most effective security method is determined for each household.

The right burglary protection can work wonders. Here are some tips to make it difficult for burglars.

1.      Invest in good hinges and locks

Invest in good security locks, hinges, and window handles. Burglars are in a hurry. They want to get in and out as soon as possible. So make sure that it takes them a lot of effort to get into your house. Most burglars give up if they take longer than 3 minutes to get in.

Do you need help in improving the security of your premises? Then engage a company which is specialized in security and locks, such as All In One Locksmith. We can check your home for burglary safety and give you advice on weak points.

2.      Put burglars in the spotlight

One of the most effective means of preventing burglary is lighting. Thieves like to work in the dark and often went on if your home is well-lightened. For this purpose, lamps can be used with a twilight switch that switches on automatically when it gets dark. You can, of course, also hang lamps with a motion detector. Ensure that lamps are installed in a difficult place to reach so that they are not easily destroyed.

3.      Don’t turn your home into a shop window

Make sure no valuables are in plain sight. An expensive laptop on the living room table or an iPad on the windowsill is inviting for trouble. Make it as unattractive as possible. Store small valuables in a safe that is well anchored.

4.      Don’t hide keys under the doormat or in the pot of a plant

Don’t hide keys under the doormat, in the flower pot, or in other places. If you got the key from your neighbors, don’t put a label on it. And ask your neighbors not to put a label on your key either. Otherwise, you make it very easy for burglars.

5.      Place a security camera

Many people are installing cameras in and around their homes. This will partly deter you, but it will mainly provide evidence if you do become the victim of a break-in or an attempted break-in. Get good advice from our experts before installing a security camera. Make sure you use a camera that takes good pictures also at night. You can also consider a so-called IP camera. You can often connect this to your smartphone so that you immediately receive a notification on your phone when motion is detected.

6.      Beware of the dog

Dogs often notice immediately when someone moves around your house and then makes noise. Therefore, dogs are the unfavourite animal of burglars. Some people, therefore, hang a sign on their fence: beware of the dog. Even if they don’t have a dog! Nowadays, electrical devices are available that respond to movement and imitate a dog’s barking.

7.      Take your time to move anywhere.

Usually, departure is a rushed activity. Force yourself to take the time to do this! Make a checklist in advance and take the time to complete that checklist, then you will at least go on holiday with less stress. There is nothing more annoying than wondering on the plane whether the back door is locked or not. Always do a visual check before you leave. Walk quietly through and around the house and make sure all windows and doors are closed. Moreover, don’t forget to lock your shed and the gate door. Also, lock doors and remove keys from the locks.

8.      Leaves Signs of Presence, Even During Holidays

Breaking in naturally becomes more attractive and easier when the residents of a house are absent. Therefore, always make it clear that someone is at home. Leave a light on when it’s dark and you’re not at home. With an automatic or smart switch, you don’t have to keep the light on all the time. With a timer, you can switch on and off of your lights at different times, which gives an even more lived-in impression.

9.      Install an alarm

An alarm is a proven means of deterring burglars. On the one hand, in terms of prevention and on the other in an actual burglary. There are many wireless systems for sale these days, so you no longer have to pull separate cables. Some systems can also connect you directly to a special control room that comes into action when your alarm goes off.

10. Ask neighbors to keep an eye on them

There has been a rumor for years that burglars put a stick against the door. If that stick is still there after a few days, it is clear that the residents are not at home. Ask a reliable person (friends, family, neighbor, etc.) to regularly take a look at your home. Let trusted people know that you’re going on vacation and ask them to keep an eye on things. Also, make sure that they can reach you in the event of an emergency.

For more information about burglary protection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trustworthy Locksmith. We’re happy to help you protect your home. We are available 24/7 to help you in an emergency in Tampa Bay and nearby areas. You can count on us for quality and fast Locksmith service.

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