difference between cheap locks and expensive locks

The difference between cheap locks and expensive locks

Buying a new lock to secure your property – may seem trivial, but the opposite is true. If you want to get the best out of the security of your building or home, it is important that you choose the right facilities. And locks and other security work are certainly part of that!

In that case, people often hesitate between cheap and expensive locks. Both seem to have advantages – but in the end, it’s always better to opt for a slightly more expensive option. Why is that so, and what are the biggest differences between cheap and expensive locks? We discuss it in this article.

During the search for good locks for your home or business, it quickly becomes clear that a distinction can be made between different price categories. Often that’s the first factor people look at when looking for a good lock, and that’s normal. The price you pay for a security measure is largely a testament to its quality. However, many people also think that cheap locks are just as good as more expensive ones – so why should they pay more at locksmiths?

Factors that make the difference between cheap locks and expensive locks

1.    The production cost of the lock

One of the most important factors when looking at the price of a lock is the cost involved in manufacturing. The more hours and work Locksmiths have to devote to the lock, the more it will cost. The production of a simple lock takes less time than with an electronic security lock – so you will pay a lot more for the latter. Having a view on this is important if you want to buy expensive or cheap locks!

2.    The place of manufacture

Another factor that has a major impact on the price of a lock is where it was made. Typically, locks produced in the East – in countries like China – are cheap locks simply because the labor and production costs are lower there. If you go for a lock that was made in the west, you will usually pay more

3.    The quality of cheap locks vs. expensive locks

Finally, the quality of the lock also has a major influence on the price. A lock made of durable, sturdy material will usually cost more than an older traditional lock that doesn’t offer too much protection. The best way to find high-quality locks is to look at the material and ask for information from locksmiths about the properties of the lock.

Do yourself a favor with a more expensive lock

However, when it comes to the security of your home or business, it is better to opt for a more expensive lock. The price may be a bit of a deterrent in some cases. However, in the end, you will be glad you bought a decent model. Not only do slightly more expensive locks last much longer, they are also more resistant to burglars. Electric locks are a good example of this.

Finally, you may earn back the price you pay for a more expensive lock. If you choose a cheap option, there is a risk that you will have to replace or repair it every once in a while – so you pay more in the long run.

More expensive locks, such as electric locks and high-security locks, are usually produced in Europe. This is done according to guidelines and by using durable materials that guarantee the safety of the lock. The result is that you also pay a bit more – but you do that for quality!

Choose the best locks for your home or property

Not sure which lock options are best suited for your situation? Then it’s always a good idea to rely on the advice of our professional Locksmith. Ultimately, however, it’s always better to opt for quality, even if you pay a little more for it. After all, the safety and comfort of your home or business will be much better in this way! You may pay a little more initially, but in the end, it will be much more useful. The lock lasts longer, can’t be broken so quickly, and thus guarantees excellent security for your property!

If you want to install, repair, and rekey your home or business lock, Feel free to call us. Our cheap locksmith in Tampa will do everything to boost the security of your premises.

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