The master key of locks and their keys: simplifying access

The master key of locks and their keys: simplifying access

In the world of locksmithing, many elements are not perfectly known by all. As is the case with master key locks and keys. When we refer to master keys, we know that it is a type of key that can open any lock.

This is false information because if so, any thief would have and would be able to enter any place he proposed with just one attempt. Key master control is a technique used to prioritize a key. It can open multiple doors but cannot open all of them.

The master locks and their attached keys allow one or more people to have access to certain predefined locks. This is useful in cases of exits or emergency access. However, this technique has spread to commercial places such as offices, department stores, supermarkets, hotels, etc. And it is not only a question of security but also of maintaining privacy, and you cannot walk with all the keys moving them throughout the building.

Professionals Locksmiths in Odessa carry out an analysis of all locks and aim to create an alternative to keys to open them for whatever situation. And not only one, but there can be several options so that everything is safe. If a tree security structure were coordinated, it would be one of the best systems associated with locks created in recent decades.

Types of master key locks

Keys training is a type of technique with scalable permissions. It is a key that you can create according to the level of security or confidence that you want to have. Therefore, one must consider the types that exist and can be used.

The matching of keys is one of the available options. This is an option for family use or with the circle of trust. Since with a single key, you can open different doors in the business, office, or home.

Simple training consists of having a key that can open different locks. This key can also open those locks that do not have the same structure. You can use this option as an emergency solution when the key is lost, remains inside the door lock, or has some other emergency reason.

Advantages and disadvantages of a master key system

In hotels and offices or public facilities, this system can be useful. But before deciding to install it, it is convenient to know its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Reduce the number of keys on the keyring: when there are many doors to open, it can be very uncomfortable to have so many keys on the keyring, and also, we run the risk of getting the wrong key.
  • Improve third-party access control: if there is an inspection, we must quickly show the premises to someone. It will always be useful to open them with the same key.
  • Facilitates access to workers, service personnel, managers, etc.
  • Ensures security. In the event of a fire or other emergency, facilities can be quickly opened.


Security vulnerability: Master key locks are more vulnerable as they are easier to pick.

The key can fall into the wrong hands: Someone could make copies of it for criminal purposes if it is lost or falls into the wrong hands.

Leave your installation in the hands of a professional

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