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Fumbling around a ring of full keys can be frustrating. It became worse when you’ve to done this in the dark or in the rain. The standard key is the only option when it comes to having an older vehicle. Nowadays, most of the car comes with the keyless ignition system. Modern technology has made things much easier. Auto Locksmith Riverview can repair, replace and install standard key and transponder key.

Transponder keyWhat’s a Transponder key?

A transponder key is a gadget that consists of a transmitter and receiver. Electron microchip that is designed to transmit a low level of radio signals that is read by a remote receiver. This electron microchip is implanted into the head of the Transponder key. Every electron microchip has a unique identification number. The receiver detects the correct serial number with the help of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) of the car before unlocks or starts.

Almost all auto manufacturer has adopted the use of transponder key to reducing auto theft. Research has revealed that the transponder key plays a vital role in the security of the vehicle and has drastically lessened the auto-theft. If you need Lock and key services in Spring Hill then arm yourself with our hotline number. Our Locksmiths Tampa are always prepared to confront your security issues.

Why the Transponder key is considered more secure?

Transponder keys provide a high level of security to your vehicles. It prevents your car from theft because it is difficult for thieves to “hot wire” or break the ignition of your car. These keys are designed to use a digital identification number, which is unique for each car. If the car doesn’t detect the correct serial number, it will not start or unlocked. In this way, the transponder key enhances the security of your vehicle and give you rest of mind.

How to know you have a Transponder key?

If your car key has two major parts, the blade, and the bow, which is a flattened piece and linked to the head of the key. And the bow is covered with several layers of tin foil that is black then the major changes is that you have a transponder key.

You can also use the internet to look up the model of your car. Your car dealer or auto manufactures will also explain to you whether you have transponder key or your key is not in the security section.

Transponder key

What to do when your transponder key is lost or damaged?

If you lost your keys, you need a spare key or want to replace your transponder key, then get in touch with our team of Locksmith Land O’ Lake Florida. Our locksmith will go whole the nine yards to give you quick and sworn services. Our Mobile Locksmith Riverview, FL will come with safety seal of consent to confront your lock and key issues. Our technicians are highly experienced and insured, they will cut a blank key for you and also reprogram the microchip to match with RFID of your car. So, it’ll work effectively.

Call us whenever you’ve car Lock and key dilemma in Spring Hill, or you notice your transponder is no longer working effectively in Land O Lake.

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