Locksmith Tampa Door locks used in Residential Property

Types of door locks used in Residential Property

You’ll be hard pressed to find an abode which does not have locks in any capacity.  If you ever find that space it mean its occupants do not care about security or they’re living in the utopia that everyone else has to discover. Locks are vital for the safety and security of your residential property. Most people are aware of it but do not have enough knowledge about door locks type. While selecting a door lock, it is essential to determine which suits best according to your needs. Because some locks work better in one condition than these do in another.

Locksmith is a person who has enough knowledge about Affordable Lock and Key Tampa. Our expert technicians learn all the ropes and have a basic understanding of all the door locks types to help residential owner, property managers, and entrepreneur to choose the best locks to use at all times. Here, we gonna tell you about basic residential door lock types that will help you to choose the best lock for your home.


Deadbolts are one of the most popular door lock types that are widely used in many residential properties. Due to its popularity, it is also used in commercial spaces. Most of the homeowner only familiar with single cylinder deadbolt. However, there’re many types of deadbolts that can be used in some capacity within a residential setting. Deadbolt locks do not utilize the spring loading mechanism to work the bolt.

Deadbolt locks are mostly used to secure exterior locks. The main reason of popularity of deadbolt is that they are some of the most secure locks. The main types of deadbolts are single cylinder deadbolt and double cylinder deadbolts. The difference in both of them is that a single cylinder has a keyed cylinder on one side while double cylinder has keyed cylinder in both sides of the door.

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Doorknob locks

Doorknob locks are mostly used for interior purposes. Some people also use it on exterior doors but it is not a good idea. Because these locks provide a limited amount of security and can buckle easily under the exertion of force. It can simply be destroyed by banging with a hammer so it’s not ideal to use it on exterior doors.

Doorknob locks can only be used on exterior doors if they’re paired with deadbolts. However, they are ideal only for interior use, as it allows easy passage from room to room within your home.

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Cylindrical Lever locks

Similar to deadbolts these locks are widely used in residential and commercial properties. These locks are easy to operate even the structure of lock itself lends to easier and more efficient ingress and egress.

Although cylindrical lever locks are for residential use, they are not ideal for exterior purposes.  There are many door lock types that work well for exterior use, so forego with using cylindrical lever locks for exterior use.

locksmith Tampa  Cylindrical Lever locks repairMortise Locks

Mortise locks set are widely used in commercial properties but also a common fixture in residential spaces. Most of the homes who’ve mortise lock set either went out of their way to get them or the lockset is already installed on the door.  It is often the common case that older homes have mortise locks, and the owners choose to continue to maintain these locks, instead of having the services of Commercial Locksmith Tampa to install new locks.

Mortise locks consist of intricate hardware that is mounted in the door. The key parts of mortise locks are threaded with the lock cylinder and the cam. These locks are mostly found in apartment complexes.

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Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

These locks are mostly used in residential properties and it is ideal for both homes and apartment complexes. Many people group both these locks but it’s wet. Smart Locks are electronic locks but not all electronic locks are smart locks.

Smart locks receive a specific set of instructions from authorized device to lock or unlock the door. These instructions are usually transformed wirelessly. Electronic Locks do not compromise with wireless communication for locks to engage. Electronic locks depend on an electric current to lock or unlock the door.

There are many more locks type as the world of locks is vast and diverse. This may increase the chances of choosing the wrong door lock type. That’s why proper understanding and research is essential while choosing a door lock.

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