key is broken or your door is slammed

What to do if the key is broken or your door is slammed?

You arrive at your door, insert the key in the lock as usual, but nothing happens. The key does not turn. You try to force it, and it breaks. You have a piece of key between your fingers. The rest is trapped in the cylinder. This mishap most often than one thinks. This catastrophic scenario brings a lot of frustration and anxiety.

Do you want to open a lock that has a key inside? First of all, it will be necessary to see what type of lock we are trying to open, and the possibility of doing so does not exist with some types of locks.

However, the most reliable option is to consult with a reliable locksmith near you.

Try to remove the key.

The first thing to do if your key is broken inside the lock is to remove it on your own. For that, you will have to follow these few simple steps:

The normal position of a key is horizontal or vertical. We must find the initial meaning. First, you will need to straighten the key: you will return the key to the initial position using a small screwdriver. You can also use the other piece of the key to turning the cylinder.

Then take a needle and tweezers. Push the needle into the small hole on the right or left side of the broken key as far as possible. With small movements: try to leverage to bring the key towards you, which you will catch with the tweezers.

Well done! You have succeeded in recovering the piece of the key which was stuck in the cylinder. If you do not have a duplicate, you will need to request a copy of the key from Affordable Locksmith Tampa. The condition for making the copy is that the key is broken into two neat parts or with a serial number. If not, then you will need to replace the lock.

If you can’t remove the broken key from inside the cylinder or fear the cylinder is damaged, contact the skilled locksmith near you.

Your locksmith in Tampa is at your service, especially for an emergency intervention!

A slammed the door, loss of key, a broken lock or key, locked out are concerns related to the locksmith, which defines a very specialized profession. The locksmith is often the professional of the emergency, of the breakdown service, but he is also, above all, a professional in installing doors and locks. The decryption of this profession ensures the safety of habitats.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced this moment of loneliness in front of a slammed and blocked door or dread this great dismay when faced with a broken key in the lock. These are all locksmith mishaps that must be dealt with urgently. The first idea is that the locksmith is the only strong character in the emergency troubleshooting of the slammed door or the damaged lock.

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