Changing a lock is an operation that can’t be done lightly. Always use the service of a professional locksmith. It is also quite an expensive operation.

You are probably wondering who is paying the bill for a lock change. Is this up to the tenant, or is it still an operation at the owner’s expense? To get your answer, continue in this article.


In general, it is up to the owner to replace the lock on the house with a few exceptions. The change costs are the tenant’s responsibility in the event of negligence on the part of the latter or the costs in the lease contract.

In most rental contracts, maintaining all the locks on the exterior and the interior remains the tenant’s responsibility.

Maintenance involves lubricating hinges, patches, or changing handles. In fact, it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace the lock if it is broken due to lack of maintenance.

In case of loss of keys, it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace the lost one. At the very least, it is best to change the lock for your own safety to avoid any risk to the brakes.

If the lost key falls into the hands of a thief, they will be able to locate your address and make unexpected visits to your home.

Another way to change a tenant’s lock is to choose a lock. If the key is lost or the door hits the key from the inside, the lock will likely be lifted to open the door.

The lock’s change is the tenant’s responsibility in such a situation.

If the tenant decides to change the door or lock for another model that suits him, the cost of all operations will be his responsibility.

In all cases where the tenant needs to change the door lock, the landlord should always be informed of the situation. Before signing a lease contract, find out about the tenant’s charges regarding maintaining them and replacing locks.


The lock change is the owner’s responsibility if the damage does not come from the tenant.

The owner also takes care of the cost of changing if the lock is old.

This is valid if the tenant notices that the lock is obsolete or that the movement of the door frame blocks it. To certify the obsolescence of a lock, it is recommended that you call on a good locksmith to make a preliminary observation.

The locksmith craftsman will help you confirm that the lock’s senescence causes the damage.  In this way, you can make sure that lock is not ruined by a lack of maintenance on the part of the tenant. The owner is responsible for paying the locksmith.

If the door or lock is broken due to a burglary, the property owner will take care of any repairs or changes. The home owner’s insurance will cover the replacement of the door or the lock after a burglary.

It is also the responsibility of the lessor to change the lock if the lessee finds that the lock is not well secured. It is up to the tenant to inform the landlord of the lock’s condition and request a change thereof before it is damaged.

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