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Why should you change locks when moving to a new place?

It’s always exciting to get a new house key, but do I have to ask myself if that’s the only house key?

In most cases, your ex-landlord will give your lawyer all the keys they own after you sign the contract. What is not yet clear is whether the previous homeowner gave the caregiver, family, neighbors, or cleaning company a key that might still be there. In fact, most home insurance companies often catch people who don’t change the key to their new home when they move. When a claim is made, the insurer will usually want to see signs of forced entry to make sure that the homeowner’s negligence is not the root cause.

Not sure if you should change your locks when you move? In this article, we advise you on what to do with your locks as a new homeowner. It would be best to take some security and privacy measures. One of those measures is to replace the locks on your new house with the help of Locksmith Tampa.

Consider Replacing Locks

The period after a move is almost always a very pleasant one. You have just left your old home and should have moved to a home that better suits you for one reason or another. It is, for example, larger, more beautifully situated, or has several specific attributes.

After all your belongings have been moved from one location to another and furnished the house, your new life can begin. However, there is one point that still requires your attention. Namely, the possible replacement of your locks after the move. Many people choose to do this right from the start.

As a new homeowner, one of the first and most important tasks on the list should be to change the locks. Even if you’re told that you actually got the only set of keys to the house, you want to make sure there’s no chance the previous homeowners or their associates have a way into your home.

Why replace locks after moving house?

Changing locks after a move is something that often happens. There are a number of clear reasons for this. This is largely for universal reasons. These apply to almost everyone. This concerns:

1.    Preventing aging

With a new home, there is a very good chance that the locks are far from new. In general, people rarely change their locks. This is often only the case when there is something wrong with the locks or when there has been an attempted break-in. However, this does not mean that these should also be the only reasons to replace your locks. On the contrary.

It is often useful to adopt a proactive attitude. When the locks are already starting to age, the chance of a defect increases considerably. In addition, there is a good chance that the locks are not equipped with the latest anti-burglary techniques. Consider, for example, core pull protection.

2.    Minimizing the chance of burglary

A second reason to replace the locks after a move is that it significantly reduces the chance of a burglary. New locks often contain the very latest in burglary protection. This makes it much more difficult for burglars to get in at all. It is a definite plus of new locks.

For example, core pulling protection is very effective in countering core pulling burglars. Instead of them pulling out a lock-in its entirety, the lock in your door just stays intact and does its job.

3.    Creating a feeling of security

Perhaps the biggest reason for many people to change the locks is the fact that it makes them feel safe. For example, feeling safe helps you get a better night’s sleep. Moreover, you are just a little more comfortable on the couch watching TV, knowing that the locks have been completely renewed. It is an optimal start to the period you will experience in your new home.

4.    Access to expertise

 Furthermore, we have been repairing, installing, and replacing locks for many years. As a result, we know better than anyone how this works. Our lock experts are familiar with all kinds of locks. As a result, a lot is possible. Both at home and, for example, for the security of a company.

5.    Making Sure No One Has Your Keys

A very important reason to consider changing locks when you move is to ensure no one else has access to your locks. Even though the previous occupants seem trustworthy, it is always a risk when other people have your keys. Maybe they lost one, or they secretly have bad intentions.

You completely eliminate this risk by simply replacing the locks. You can be sure that no one else has keys that fit all the locks of your new home.

The importance of a professional intervention by a Locksmith

Not to mention that you want to enjoy maximum security and privacy in your home. A good lock that is strong and lasts a long time is essential. If you have your new locks installed by an expert, you can be sure that your home is best protected against both previous owners and thieves!

Need a locksmith to replace or rekey the locks of your new home? Mobile Locksmith Tampa will provide you with blown away services that give you the comfort of mind regarding your home safety.

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