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Duplicating a key is simply making a copy of it. But, all the keys found on the market are different from each other. While some keys are duplicative under strict regulations, others are unconstrained. Let’s discuss Key replacements for cars, homes, and offices in this article.

Benefits duplicating keys

Duplicating or making a duplicate of your keys can be useful in many circumstances, given their very frequent daily use. On the one hand, it is important to have a copy of your keys so as not to be dependent on a single set of keys. No one is immune to theft, damage, or loss. In these circumstances, having a backup copy can be beneficial. You will be able to quickly access your home, office, or shop without having to change the cylinder or incur unexpected expenses.

The task requires precise know-how and a lot of precautions. Therefore, to duplicate a key, it is safer to use the services of a professional. For example, if you are looking Locksmith for a car, then our Locksmith Riverview, Florida, can assist you. They provide you with amazing key duplication services for this type of secure key. Whether it is an individual key to your home or a master key of your office, the copy will be made and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Duplication of unprotected keys

Unprotected keys are the most common key models on the market. They are available in different versions:

  • Individual keys;
  • Unique keys;
  • Flat keys;
  • Master keys;
  • Reversible keys

Still called a standard key, the individual key is a basic key. Unlike a single key (which is used to open all the locks in the house), a unique key is only used to open and close a single door. Flat keys have the particularity of being introduced into the cylinder in one direction only, unlike reversible models. As for master keys, they are used to open several doors equipped with different cylinders. Widely used in the professional environment, they come in different categories (technical master key, general master key, partial master key).

All unprotected keys are easy to duplicate. No legal permission is required to make their copy. Therefore, you must take great care when entrusting an unprotected key to a third party. Anyone who has access to it can reproduce it without limits from a locksmith or a specialized hardware store. So be very careful that your unprotected key does not end up in the wrong hands. Otherwise, the security of your home or your premises will be at risk.

Duplication of patent-protected keys

Patent keys are premium keys. They are supplied with a property card when purchased. They are keys that are impossible to copy without it and stand out for their very good design quality. On the other hand, unlike unprotected keys, their duplication is regulated. It is impossible to duplicate them if one does not follow a strict procedure. Without your explicit consent or the presentation of the ownership card, your patented key cannot be copied. In addition, the duplication of a patented key is necessarily carried out in the original factory of the manufacturer.

Thus, the keys protected by the patent protect you from illegal reproductions. This legal protection is valid for a period ranging from ten to twenty years. When this period expires, copies can be made without any restriction. Therefore, regular updating of your opening systems is essential. If you wish to optimize the security of your accesses, the use of patented keys is, therefore, more than recommended.

Duplication of copyright protected keys

This is also possible for life if you can prevent the fraudulent duplication of your keys for twenty years. Copyright-protected keys offer you the highest guarantee. You will find on the market different models of flat and non-reversible keys protected by copyright. The copying of these keys is also carried out exclusively by the manufacturer.

What are the measures governing the duplication of keys?

Certain legal provisions must be respected to benefit from a protected key copy service. They vary depending on whether you are an individual or a professional.

Obligations for individuals

To reproduce the key to a house door or a private portion, you must provide the property card. The latter is issued by the manufacturer when purchasing your protected key. When you misplace it, you can always request a duplicate key. All you have to do is present the following documents to the professional locksmith:

  • Photocopy of both sides of your valid identity document;
  • The engraved number of the key;
  • The latest electricity bill.

Some locksmiths may ask you to add these documents even if you have the property card. All these precautions ensure that no malicious person steals your keys for illegal duplication.

Obligations for professionals

In the same way as individuals, professionals can duplicate keys without presenting the ownership card. How to proceed? Simply request using a handwritten letter on letterhead and signed. The following documents must be attached to this letter:

  • The certificate of loss or non-possession of the ownership card;
  • The certificate proving that the applicant is the occupant or owner of the premises concerned;
  • The certificate of authorization to place key orders;
  • The engraved number of the key;
  • The flowchart combination plan number;

All these measures make it possible to control and reduce the risks linked to the replacement of keys as much as possible.

What to remember? All keys can be duplicated. All you have to do is identify exactly the type of key you have in your possession. And contact a competent service provider like All In One Locksmith to obtain a duplicate key.

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